Step Inside the Stunning California Abode Alex Cooper and Fiancé Matt Kaplan Call Home

Call Her Daddy’s Alex Cooper recently gave Architectural Digest a look inside her and fiancé Matt Kaplan's California dream home, which she called "our sanctuary."

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Call her a homeowner.

After purchasing a Los Angeles property last year, Alex Cooper gave fans a look inside the house she shares with fiancé Matt Kaplan

According to Architectural Digest, the home is a 1930s Colonial Revival ranch that had already gone through multiple rounds of renovations by the time Kaplan came across it. And Cooper admitted it wasn't exactly love at first sight when she initially saw the residence, noting it would take a lot of work to make it their own.

"I was a little overwhelmed by how much of an undertaking it would be, because [the home] was not our style whatsoever," the Call Her Daddy host told the outlet, later adding, "That ended up being the beauty [of it]. It was so far from our taste that it allowed us to tailor every single room to our liking."

The publication noted the couple enlisted the help of interior designer Lindsay Balton to transform the industrial and glam pad into "a homey take on a wellness retreat, something calm, inviting, and most importantly, comfortable," Cooper shared. "[Our] lives are so crazy with work, so home is our sanctuary."

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This aesthetic, AD states, was achieved through large windows that bring in natural sunlight, earthy materials like limestone and aged oak, a neutral color palette, luscious greenery among the grounds and fabrics that make the house feel cozy versus cold.

Ye Rin Mok for Architectural Digest

There are also spaces throughout the property that are particularly significant to Cooper and Kaplan, including their backyard. In fact, the film producer proposed to the podcast mogul underneath a wisteria-covered arch surrounded by candles after having her complete a scavenger hunt throughout their abode.

"To go through each room, seeing the life and the work we've built together and the love that we've poured into the home," Cooper—who announced her engagement to Kaplan in April—continued, "to then lead down to the backyard covered in candles….It was magical."

Another meaningful room? Their bar, which offers a romantic place to unwind. 

"[Matt and I] fell in love in London drinking whiskey together, so we always said we needed to recreate a dark bar with whiskey," Cooper—who initially kept much of her relationship with Kaplan private—said. "It has a different feel than the rest of the home—like we're going out on a date night [but] we're just going out to our bar together."

Ye Rin Mok for Architectural Digest

However, fashion lovers will appreciate the spot that tops her list. "My closet is my favorite place on earth," Cooper told the publication. "Matt will come home from work and be like, ‘Did you even leave our bedroom today?'"     

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