Miley Cyrus' Brother Trace Cyrus Makes Rare Comments About His Famous Family Members

Trace Cyrus, Miley Cyrus' older brother, shared that he feels if he didn't come from a famous family—including mom Tish Cyrus and dad Billy Ray Cyrus—he would have been more successful.

By Alexandra Bellusci Aug 29, 2023 5:21 PMTags
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Trace Cyrus is admitting that coming from a famous family isn't always a party in the U.S.A.

Miley Cyrus' older brother got candid about life in the spotlight during a Q&A on his Instagram Stories Aug. 28, sharing insight into what it's been like trying to cultivate his own career in Hollywood alongside his family, including dad Billy Ray Cyrus, mom Tish Cyrus and sisters Miley and Noah Cyrus

"I love my family so much," he wrote in response to a question about how difficult it's been being part of a well-known family, "but I think I'd be much more successful if I wasn't part of a famous family."

"People immediately want to judge me and discredit all my hard work because of who I'm related to," he continued. "But that's so far from the truth. I got a record deal without anyone from my label even knowing who I was related to till after they signed me."

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Admitting that he deliberately avoided using his full name when he began making music, Trace added, "I never put my last name online anywhere for the first years of my career until people started finding out."

In fact, the 33-year-old noted that as his former band, Metro Station, rose to fame around the same time Hannah Montana debuted, he didn't face the immediate comparisons to his little sister.

But despite the curiosity into his life and family, Trace is guarding his privacy. And that goes for his relationships too. Reflecting on his high-profile past romances—including his seven-year relationship with Brenda Song—the singer responded to an inquiry about his relationship status by revealing that he has no plans on confirming his relationship status anytime soon.

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"After having such public relationships in the past, I've decided any of my current or future relationships will be much more private," he explained. "So even if I did have a girlfriend I wouldn't tell you guys. Sorry."

But wanting to be more careful about speaking about his private life doesn't mean Trace is going to shy away from sharing his love for his family members. 

After all, just last week he posted a sweet tribute to mom Tish after she married Prison Break actor Dominic Purcell in a poolside ceremony in Malibu, Calif., Aug. 20.

"I feel extremely blessed to be part of such an amazing family," he wrote on Instagram. "Congrats to my mom on a beautiful wedding. Life is unpredictable & always full of changes. I think the most important thing to do is cherish the past, look forward to the future, & always be happy in the present moment because that's really all we have. Yesterday is gone & tomorrow is never promised. It's been a long time since I've seen my mom so happy & that makes me genuinely happy. I love you."