Donny Osmond Gets the Last Laugh After Son's Claim to Fame Appearance

After his son Chris almost made it to the end of ABC's Claim to Fame, Donny Osmond took a moment to joke over the many incorrect guesses made about his identity.

By Hayley Santaflorentina Aug 29, 2023 2:36 PMTags
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This celebrity relation could only be guessed on the twelfth of never. 

Donny Osmond recently celebrated his son Chris Osmond's journey on season two of ABC's Claim to Fame, which saw the 32-year-old make it to the finale—and ultimately land in third place—after several contestants were knocked out of the competition for incorrectly guessing his family member incorrectly. In fact the Donny & Marie star couldn't help but poke fun at his son's enigma status. 

"For those of you who've been watching the ABC reality show, Claim to Fame," Donny captioned an August 28 post featuring the father-son duo, "I thought my son, Chris, did an amazing job! He made that show so interesting because no one could guess which celebrity he was related to."

Referencing just a few of the incorrect guesses, the 65-year-old added, "I'm proud of my son. Signed, Nicholas Cage. I mean, Elvis Presley. I mean, Jim Carrey. [...] I mean, Donny Osmond."

And with a whopping twelve wrong celeb relations throughout the season, others of which included Elton JohnPaul McCartneyJohn Mayer and Little Richard, Donny's possible identities numbered many. 

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And for his part, Chris also took a moment to lean into the joke. 

"I think we might need to do some digging to see if we're related to all of those wrong guesses…." he commented on his dad's post. "I'm starting to think I have multiple claims to fame."

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Chris finished in third after fellow-contestant Monay correctly guessed he was related to the ‘70s teen idol, leaving Monay and Gabriel in the final two. And after Gabriel correctly guessed Monay's claim to fame to be her father, Jerry Brooks, aka J.B. Smoove, Gabriel was crowned victorious, able to keep others from guessing his status as the younger brother of Nick Cannon until the end.

And after the finale aired, Chris shared a reflection on his journey, giving a special shoutout to his fellow cast members.

"Wow, what an incredible experience this has been to be part of the Claim to Fame season 2 cast!" he captioned a photo alongside some of his fellow season two contestants. "I've made so many great friends through this. It's amazing to meet others that come from similar backgrounds of living in the shadow of someone else. It's a story and perspective that hardly gets talked about, so I'm humbled and grateful this show allowed me to express who I truly am."

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