Olivia Culpo Shares Update on Sister Sophia Culpo After Breakup Drama

After Sophia Culpo's headline-making breakup, Olivia Culpo told E! News how she helped her sister get through the tough time in a "toxic" social media environment.

By Jess Cohen Aug 29, 2023 11:00 AMTags
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Though cameras weren't rolling as Sophia Culpo was going through a public breakup from Braxton Berrios, she had her family to lean on, including sister Olivia Culpo.

"I just told her that this will all pass and someday you'll look back on this and be so proud of the strength that you had to get through the hardest moments," Olivia recently told E! News ahead of the David Dobrik x CELSIUS pickleball tournament. "And it's funny because now she is in that place and we can look back and think, 'Thank god that happened.'"

And sometimes, it's easier said than done. "In the moment it's so hard to have that idea," she continued, "but I really do think everything works out the way it's supposed to and you learn lessons you're supposed to through the hard moments."

And as someone whose personal life has been in the spotlight over the years, Olivia had a lot of insight to offer her sister.

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"I was definitely there for her every step of the way, as you have to be because it's so hard," the Miss Universe 2012 winner noted, "especially in the public eye and with so many opinions and social media is so toxic."

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Fans were introduced to Olivia's family—including Sophia and Aurora Culpo—on their reality show The Culpo Sisters, which premiered in 2022. 

As for the status of a possible season two?

"We're still waiting to see where exactly it would land…but I feel like I would definitely be interested," Olivia told E! News. "I know my sisters would be. I know for sure my dad would be. He's definitely a ham for the camera."

After all, it's a true family affair. "It was like having the best home videos for life," she said. "So I hope so, it would be so fun."


In the meantime, Olivia is putting her energy into wedding planning for her and fiancé Christian McCaffrey.

"It's going really well!" Olivia shared. "I'm trying to just keep a really level head about it. I'm trying to remember…yes it's going to be an event, it's going to be really over the top or whatever, but it's also about getting married and love."

And that's what matters most to her. "I'm trying to bring it back down to earth a little bit because I feel like it is really easy to make everything into such a big deal and lose sight of the actual importance of this and the sacred part of it all, as opposed to the showy part of it," she added. "So I'm trying to keep myself grounded in that way."

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