This Is How Mandy Moore’s Son Ozzie Hit a Major Milestone

Mandy Moore shared that her and Taylor Goldsmith's 10-month-old son Ozzie marked an important milestone in his developmental progress. See the sweet photo of her baby boy reaching new heights.

By Lindsay Weinberg Aug 26, 2023 12:19 AMTags
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Mandy Moore's baby boy is a lot moore grown up these days.

The This Is Us actress was over the moon after her 10-month-old son Oscar "Ozzie" Bennett Goldsmith was able to stand up for the first time, she shared on her Instagram Story Aug. 25.

"He stood on his own for the first time yesterday," Mandy gushed, "and now we're just waking up and standing in our crib like a big boy." 

The 39-year-old posted an adorable photo of her baby—who she shares with husband Taylor Goldsmith—sporting a blue onesie while leaning over his white crib rail. 

And it's not the only sign that Ozzie is growing up faster than can be: Mandy also noted he's rocking a full head of curls these days, writing, "the curly blond hair kills me."

Mandy and Taylor, 38, have had their hands full in recent weeks, with their older son August "Gus" Harrison Goldsmith, 2, seeking treatment for Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome last month. 

Inside Mandy Moore's Baby Shower

"This sweet boy woke up with a crazy rash on Saturday," the Tangled star shared on social media July 28. "We tried to deduce what it could be and did anything to help him find relief from the itch." 

She continued, "Turns out it's a viral childhood rash that just spontaneously appears called Gianotti-Crosti syndrome... It's all over his legs and feet (ouch) and the backs of his arms but nowhere else."


Noting Gus was a patient "rockstar" during doctors appointments, Mandy said doctors got him on Benadryl and steroid cream and she was told the rash should clear up in six to eight weeks.

A few days later, she celebrated her son for his resilience, noting, "He's still a champ!!" 


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Father's Day 2023

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith welcomed son August "Gus" Harrison in February 2021 and Oscar "Ozzie" Bennett Goldsmith in October 2022.

"I can't believe we get to do this parenthood journey together," Mandy wrote to her husband for Father's Day 2023. "The 3 of us are the luckiest to have you, T. Love you to the moon and Happy Father's Day!!!"

Dad Genes

Mandy shared in a tribute to Taylor on Instagram, "You were writing songs about coaching Little League well before we got married so I had *some* inkling that being a Dad was something you would excel at but I truly had no idea just how exceptional and natural you'd be until we were in it." 

Baby Love

"I marvel at all you bring to the table- your patience, your gentle nature, your willingness to change a diaper or get up with a crying baby without me ever asking or to run around and get in the dirt with a very active toddler at any moment," the actress continued in her message. "Your ability to get Gus to eat something he'd flat out refused with me or elicit Ozzie's immediate laughter, your music curation for our boys- which is TOP NOTCH… I could go on and on."

Gus Turns 2

"We had an early Birthday bash with friends and family for Goosey," Mandy wrote on Instagram in February 2023. "2 years with the sweetest, goofiest guy has absolutely flown by. We're the luckiest folks around to be in your orbit, Gus Goldsmith."

Quarantine Buds

"I have been quarantined with this guy for over 6 weeks and we still really like each other," Mandy shared on Instagram in April 2020. 

Couple Up

"Me and my love," Mandy shared on Instagram when teasing another duet performance. 

Cozy Up

Whether performing music together or cuddling on the couch, these two make one cute couple. 

Just a Couple of Music Makers

The Dawes musician and the actress/singer collaborated on a song for This Is Us.

"@mandymooremm @siddkhoslamusic and I the day we recorded "Invisible Ink" from last night's episode of @nbcthisisus," Goldsmith wrote on Instagram in November 2018. So honored that Sidd asked me to help him write it and then to get to record it with my favorite human. Please go check it out on Spotify or Apple Music."

Taking Their Love to New Heights

The two hike in Kilimanjaro National Park in August 2018.

Date Night!

The cute couple step out for the annual Communities in Schools Celebration in Los Angeles in May 2018.

Silver Lining

"The look of two tired people who were awoken by the hotel fire alarm at midnight," Moore wrote on Instagram in September 2018. "Also the look of two people grateful for 24 hours together after being apart almost a month. It's always a worth a trip to see @dawestheband play a gig too.... you're in for a treat tonight, #portland."

Emmys Date

The two attend the 2017 Emmy Awards.

How Romantic

"#FBF to Emmy Sunday when this guy flew across the country the morning of just to share the day with me," Moore wrote on Instagram.

2-Year Anniversary

Mandy shared this photo in honor of the couple's two-year anniversary in July 2017 with the caption: "The best 2 years. Never not smiling with you, T."

Caught in the Moment!

"So proud of this guy and the whole band for an absolutely electric hometown show last night," Moore wrote on Instagram in January 2016.

Head over Heels

The This Is Us star is not afraid to rock a pair of heels and be a bit taller than her man. #couplegoals

Golden Gate Getaway!

The couple enjoyed a mini-vacay in San Francisco to see an iconic landmark.

Say Cheese

As Ed Sheeran would say, "You can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans." Or, according to Taylor, as a bookmark in your favorite book.