Here's Your Invite to Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey's Wedding Date Details

Four months after announcing her engagement to Christian McCaffrey, Olivia Culpo spoke to E! News about wedding plans and participating in the David Dobrik x CELSIUS pickleball tournament.

By Jess Cohen Aug 28, 2023 2:11 PMTags
Watch: Olivia Culpo Is ENGAGED to NFL Star Christian McCaffrey!

Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey's wedding is guaranteed to be a complete touchdown.

In fact, The Culpo Sisters star—who got engaged to the 49ers running back in April—is currently working on the game plan for the nuptials.

"It's going really well!" Olivia recently told E! News ahead of the David Dobrik x CELSIUS pickleball tournament. "I'm trying to just keep a really level head about it. I'm trying to remember…yes it's going to be an event, it's going to be really over the top or whatever, but it's also about getting married and love."

"I'm trying to bring it back down to earth a little bit," the 31-year-old noted, "because I feel like it is really easy to make everything into such a big deal and lose sight of the actual importance of this and the sacred part of it all, as opposed to the showy part of it. So I'm trying to keep myself grounded in that way."

And even though it can be tough for couples to nail down a wedding date with busy schedules, Christian's NFL season is giving them an assist. 

Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey's Cutest Pics

"Their season ends like January or February and then they go back to camp in July and then they start OTAs [minicamps] in August," Olivia explained to E! News. "They really do work all year. So there's only, genuinely, only a few weeks where we can actually make it work. Otherwise it wouldn't be a time where he could really take off."


As wedding prep continues, Olivia will be in the stands cheering on the 49ers. And she's been feeling the love from the team on her updated relationship status.

"I never thought that it would be any different," she told E! News. "I never though anybody would treat me any differently or anything would be any sort of way. But it is actually kind of funny how everybody there—because they're just such big fans of the team—everybody wanted to see my ring or say hi and congratulate us—it's really, really sweet. The 49ers have such a great fanbase."

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Celsius

And between business meetings and games, Olivia also makes time to give back.

On Aug. 25, she participated in the CELSIUS Pickleball Classic, where she teamed up with Rad Lopez for a chance to have $50,000 donated to a charity of their choice.

And although Olivia and Rad didn't win the tournament, host David and Taylor Lautner scored the top spot, with a donation being made to the Lemons Foundation in their honor.

As Olivia, a CELSIUS ambassador, explained to E! News ahead of the classic, it's "just about having fun."

"It's all for a great cause," she noted, "which I absolutely love."

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