Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan Set the Record Straight on Their Relationship Status

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan have revealed where they stand as a couple after engagement rumors sparked over comments Marcus made about a wedding venue.

By Hayley Santaflorentina Aug 23, 2023 2:08 PMTags
Watch: Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan Are Open to Marriage in the Future

He has put a ring on it—but not that kind. 

Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen are clarifying their relationship status after rumors of their engagement abounded after the Real Housewives of Miami star was photographed with a ring on that finger and Marcus told paparazzi he was on the hunt for a wedding venue

"First topic is 'Marcus is looking for a wedding venue,'" he opened the August 22 episode of the couple's Separation Anxiety podcast. "Obviously, we were at dinner the other night, and paparazzi got us leaving the restaurant and asked us if there are wedding plans in the works."

The 32-year-old continued, "And I think I responded in a cheeky way. You know I told them we were looking for a location, and that it's in the works."

And it seems that off-hand comment was enough to convince the couple's friends and family that the couple had taken a major step in their relationship.

"I had a hundred calls," Larsa responded. "And text messages of people congratulating us. And I was like, "I'm so excited! But no, we're not engaged.'"

The 49-year-old, who was previously married to NBA star Scottie Pippen, added, "But you did give me a promise ring."

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But even though the two haven't officially taken that next step, Marcus—whose dad is basketball legend and Scottie's former teammate Michael Jordan—said that for him, the question of their engagement is more complicated than people might think.

After all, while he might not have actually popped the question yet, his answer to paparazzi was actually true.

"It's a tough question to answer," he explained. "It's something that we've been discussing a lot lately. Not necessarily putting a lot of emphasis or priority on where or when, but we've definitely been discussing locations and time of year. So you know, I felt like that was a good response." 

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So given they are talking marriage, the couple noted that they have reached certain decisions for when they eventually tie the knot.

"I feel like the only thing we've really come up with," Larsa revealed, "is that we want a destination wedding."

But this is not the first time the reality star has discussed the possibility of marriage to Marcus. "I'm assuming if you're with someone for a period of time," Larsa put it simply to E! News during a joint interview with her love, "maybe you do get married. I think so." 

For Marcus, he admitted marriage is something that he really only started thinking about recently.

"I was always so focused on, one, playing basketball as a kid and then, two, starting my business that I treat Trophy Room as my baby. And so, I just never really had that mindset," the entrepreneur said. "But now that I'm 32 and starting to become more of an adult and on my two feet, I'm starting to entertain the idea of marriage and kids. And so, eventually, we'll get there. We'll have that conversation." 

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