Below Deck Down Under's Aesha Gets the Surprise of the Season With Heartwarming Reunion

Below Deck Down Under's Captain Jason Chambers gave Chief Stew Aesha Scott an unexpectedly sweet surprise that brought her tears on the Bravo series' Aug. 21 episode.

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Captain Jason Chambers is making waves with this unexpectedly sweet surprise.

On Below Deck Down Under's Aug. 21 episode, the captain shocked Aesha Scott by treating the chief stew to a visit from someone extremely special in her life: Her Boyfriend Scott Dobbo.

After Jason called Aesha up to the bar, she immediately burst into tears upon laying eyes on her other half. The two then reunited with a long hug as she sobbed tears of joy.

"Scott and I have been together for over two years now, we're still madly in love," Aesha explained in her confessional. "Right now we live in Breckenridge, Colorado. That's our little base over in the States. Scott works at the bar. He's independent, adventurous, he's my best friend in the world. I love him so much."

The Bravo star then excitedly introduced Scott to the rest of the Northern Sun's crew before the entire team—including Scott—enjoyed the day off with a beach excursion. During lunch, Scott officially got the team's stamp of approval.

The Most Dramatic Below Deck Firings Ever

Stew Margot Sisson noted, "You remind me a lot of my sister's boyfriend, just easy to be around," before Aesha confirmed, "He's very relaxing to be around."

Scott took the compliment as a chance to lovingly poke fun at his love. "I would say the same about you," she told Aesha sarcastically, adding, "You bring all the energy."

Her response? "You can't have two mes," she laughed, "it'd be too much for anyone." 

While watching the lovebirds enjoy a tender moment playing in the ocean, Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph remarked, "They're gonna get married," to which Margot agreed, "Yeah, soon I think."

However, when it came time for Scott to leave the following day before their next guest charter, Aesha struggled to say goodbye.

"The really dumb thing about getting a visit," she told him as they shared a final embrace, "is that then you know what's it's like when they're not there."

Mark Rogers/Bravo

In her confessional, Aesha continued to open up about their special bond. "It's really sad saying goodbye to Scott, I always get very emotional," she said. "Scott and I spend so much time apart that we're saving and hoping to buy a house in New Zealand. Now, we're just very focused on that and making plans for our future together."

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Bravo. Keep reading to revisit some of the wild moments ever in Below Deck history.

Oh Captain, My Captain

The Bravo franchise has had plenty of dramatic and crazy moments thanks to some unruly and demanding guests, including Georgia, who was a little too flirty with no-nonsense leader Captain Lee Rosbach.


Sometimes, you just want a foam party—at least, that's what this demanding guest asked for. Was it eyebrow-raising to see him drunkenly partying in what ended up being about four inches of foam? Yes. Was it still epic because of how excited he was? Also yes.

Defiant Delores

Where do we start with Delores? The season eight Below Deck charter guest made a splash, literally and figuratively, after she drunkenly jumped into the ocean late at night. To make matters worse, this swimming session was in direct defiance to Captain Lee's order to stay on the boat. In a first for his career, Captain Lee ended Delores' charter early and sent her packing.

However, while being escorted away on the tender, Delores jumped into the ocean. Bold move, lady.

Memorable Modern Family

Barrie boarded the Parsifal III with his blended family, including his current fiancé and his ex-husband, in season two of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. With such a large guest list, the crew was certainly put to work, especially chef Natasha. Not only did Barrie have no problem sending his breakfast back, but he also refused to have his family served buffet-style.

Fighting Over James

The first charter of Below Deck season eight was certainly a memorable one. We're, of course, talking about when the charter guests found themselves bickering over deckhand James Hough. Specifically, charter guest Shay called dibs on the British yachtie. However, her boatmance hopes were derailed when pal Lexi flirtatiously rode a jet ski with James. Thus, a fight broke out over dinner, which shocked the Below Deck crew.

Cougar Town

It was ladies night on the high seas in this episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, but as the drinks flowed, some of the women started to get a little handsy with deckhand Jack Stirrup. Thankfully, Captain Sandy swooped in to save the day.

Above Deck Hookup

The crew aboard this ship got a show they didn't ask for when two of the guests hooked up in the crow's nest, a part of the ship that everyone could see on camera.

Cleanup Crew

In the same episode that the crew witnessed the on-deck hookup of two of their guests, they also discovered that their passengers also had never heard of cleaning up after themselves when they stumbled upon a used condom on the nightstand.

Impossible Request

For the most part, the charter guest is always right. However, in season two of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, charter guest Erica requested that Captain Glenn Shephard do something to make the ship stop rocking. Unfortunately for Erica, they were in the middle of a thunderstorm and Captain Glenn didn't have the power to control the weather.

Other highlights from this charter group include a woman with hours worth of stories, bullying accusations among the ladies and so much more.

Gumball Drama

While many guests on Below Deck have been demanding, this may be the most ridiculous request because of how random it was. On one of the episodes, guests demanded gumballs, but not just any gumballs. They had to be colored gumballs and they even threatened to require they be delivered by helicopter if there were none on board.


Not every guest has found their trip to be a five-star experience, but usually they stick around to give feedback as to why. On this episode of Below Deck, we learn that a few of the guests straight-up ghosted upon arrival and fled the ship before even saying goodbye to the crew.

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