The Bachelorette Season 20 Finale: Find Out If Charity Lawson Got Engaged

During the season 20 finale of The Bachelorette, Charity Lawson accepted a proposal from contestant Dotun Olubeko after eliminating runner-up Joey Graziadei.

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This Bachelorette season had a rosy ending—but first, a difficult decision had to be made.

During the Aug. 21 finale of the ABC series, Charity Lawson had to choose between her top two contestants: Dotun Olubeko and Joey Graziadei.

Ultimately, despite her feelings for both men, the 27-year-old followed her heart and called it quits with Joey, leaving the door open for a future with Dotun.

And it looks like they're well on their way to forever, because Dotun got down on one knee and proposed to Charity—in front of a gorgeous Fiji setting—and she said yes!

"You have been able to make me feel so incredibly special. You've made me feel adored and validated and wanted," the integrative medicine specialist said during his proposal. "And to receive that from a woman of your caliber, Charity, I don't think you'll ever understand what that means to me. But I'm certain I want to spend the rest of my life showing you."

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In an emotional moment, Charity told him, "You have made me feel alive. You have made me believe in love again. You've made me feel so valued and so seen."

She continued, "I want a forever future with you. I see you as my husband. I see you as my future. I see it so clear. I don't have any doubts." 

And before getting down on one knee, Dotun told her, "Charity, you've inspired me. You have taught me. You've shown me that a good thing can really just be a good thing. The love that we have is perfect. And so, Miss Charity Lawson, would you do me the honor of turning this fairytale into a reality?"

ABC/Sami Drasin

Earlier in the episode, Charity noted that she was walking away with "the love of my life," but expressed it was a hard decision turning down Joey. "As crazy as it sounds," she told him through tears, "I found love that's deeper with someone else. And it won't make sense in this moment and it's hard."

Prior the The Bachelorette, fans first met Charity on Zach Shallcross' season of The Bachelor.

And, as Charity explained to E! News ahead of her season's June premiere, she wanted viewers to learn more about her as she continued her journey to find love.


"You only saw one side of me during Zach's season, which was the very vulnerable side and that was great," the child and family therapist said at the time. "But a lot of those moments were just really heavy and emotional."

"Obviously, I'm an empath, I'm a crier, you've seen me cry a lot and that's okay, you'll see me cry some more," Charity continued. "But you'll definitely start to see more little peeks at my personality—my sense of humor, but then little elements of sass when I have to handle business."

And although she avoided sharing any spoilers at the time, she did give E! News a bit of a teaser.

As she noted, "I am happy with how this season turns out!"

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