Succession Actress Crystal Finn Details Attack by Otters

Crystal Finn, who appeared on a season four episode of Succession, recently recalled to the San Francisco Chronicle how she was attacked by otters in July.

By Elyse Dupre Aug 18, 2023 3:35 PMTags
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Crystal Finn is looking back on a harrowing recent outing.

As the Succession alum explained, a trip to Northern California's Feather River last month took a turn when she was attacked by otters while swimming.

"I felt something on my backside and on my leg," she told the San Francisco Chronicle in an interview published Aug. 16. "I started looking around and yelling out and [the otters] popped up right in front of me. Then they dove down and started going at me again."

After the bite, Finn spotted three otters, which she guesses were a mother and two of its young, on the surface of the water approximately six inches from her face, according to the publication. And while the actress—who appeared on the season four episode "America Decides" in the HBO drama—shared that she tried to swim back to land, she noted the otters "dove back down" and snapped at her again.

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According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Finn then used her feet to defend herself from the otters and was able to climb back onto a rock before they then disappeared.

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"I could see the bites on my legs and knew I had been bitten on my butt—that one was the worst, but I couldn't see it," the Broadway star—who appeared in the show Birthday Candles with Debra Messing and was honored with a Theatre World Award—continued. "The bites really hurt."

In fact, the incident prompted Finn to seek medical attention, with the outlet noting she was treated for her injuries at Tahoe Forest Hospital in Truckee, Calif. Reflecting on the shocking attack, she suspects that she wouldn't have been concerned even if she had seen the otters before diving into the river.

"If I had seen them, I don't think it would have given me pause," Finn added. "I would have thought, 'Oh those cute river otters.'"

And she told the outlet she's just glad her daughter wasn't in the water with her. As she put it, "It would have been a lot worse." 

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