17 Dorm Essentials Every College Student Should Have

You don't want to let a college student move in this month without these dorm essentials. And if they do? Well, that's what care packages are for!

By Sophy Ziss Aug 21, 2023 7:56 PMTags
Ecomm: Dorm Essentials

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Whether you're looking to flex on TikTok or just reassure a parent that you're getting enough sleep, there's no end to the things considered "essential" for living in a dorm.

After all, moving into a smaller space you share with a potential new bestie can be a lot. Not to mention the potential rules a dorm may impose.

For coffee drinkers who like a strong cup in the morning, it may be time to switch to a French press from electric. If you like your afternoon nap, a cozy blanket should help ensure a proper rest. And of course, no matter what you do, you're gonna want to look cute doing it. 

At the end of the day, being away from home for the first time can be a challenge for students and their parents. To make it easier on everyone, we've compiled these must-haves to keep everyone happy throughout the #dormlife.

Hang up those string lights (there's a cute set we recommend!), YouTube how to make proper French Press coffee on a desk, and get ready to head back to school in style.

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Yamazaki Home Tower Laundry Hamper

They've finally learned to stop throwing their clothes all around their room at home, right? So keep that tradition going with this clean, minimalist hamper.

Corkcicle Cold Cup

This insulated "Cold Cup" from Corkcicle (straw included!) keeps beverages chill enough to enjoy throughout the day.

Anaya Home Cotton Waffle Weave Bed Blanket

Luxe, cozy, and made from cotton, this bedspread-sized blanket adds a rustic touch to dorm decor.

Paravel Mini See-All Vanity Case

Taking a trip to see your other college friends? Just getting ready in someone else's dorm? Whatever the reason for heading out, this see-all cosmetics case keeps you organized in style.

Yellowpop Big Big Heart - LED Neon Sign

Light up your life (and room) with this Barbiecore-esque LED neon light from Yellowpop. It brings color and charm to any space, no matter the size.

50 Pink LED Commercial Grade String Lights - White Wire

Now, if a large neon sign isn't quite up to dorm code, these pink-and-white string lights are a lovely alternative.

Quickies Bloom Me Press On Nail Set

Quickies is making press-on nails a thing again, and we're here for it. They're affordable, on-trend, and easy to use, meaning you can change up your look as often as you'd like — no salon required.

Flex-N-Fly Blue Rise 2.0 (Thicker Mat)

Per the brand, the Flex|Mat 2.0 is designed for "the individuals that need a little more cushion for their knees" during their go-to workouts. It's the same size and style as Flex-N-Fly's signature travel mat, just with a 3mm thickness. But can you still throw this slightly more padded version in the washing machine? Of course you can. Perfect for working out in small spaces.

Brightech Mushroom LED Table Lamp

Described by Brightech as "an eclectic masterpiece with a charming shape and an accented subtle twist," their unique glass design "adds elegance, style, and character to any space."

Leveret Women's Fleece Robe

Whether it's a surprise fire drill, a lazy weekend morning, or a night spent up late studying, the time always calls for a plush, versatile robe.

Made by Design Plastic Food Storage Set

I'm going to speak from experience here: If I had thought to bring food storage into my dorm instead of just food, I probably would have had less of a there-are-critters-near-my-stale-crackers situation. Don't be like me. Store your food properly. 

Yamazaki Home Vanity Mirror

At once a makeup mirror and tray, Yamazaki Home's Vanity Mirror makes the most out of space when there's little to spare.

Our Place Tiny Bowls

It's not a movie night without popcorn, and it's not the best movie night it can be without adorable, washable, stackable bowls from Our Place. Like, post-covid, we're not still eating finger foods out of shared vessels, are we? I hope not.

GOT Bag Shower Bag

Per GOT BAG, this minimalist pouch is the 'ideal companion for short trips" and "travel essentials" alike. The brand states that it protects your goods on the go "thanks to the waterproof material" and a "super easy-to-wash inside." Plastic caddy? We don't know her.

Nasty Gal Womens Glitter Pajama Shirt And Short Set

Glittery, stylish, and fun, these Nasty Gal pajamas make sleepover-core a thing. And what's better than a set on sale?

invisaWear Athletic Bands

"We're very excited to collaborate with Bandits to create a discreet safety accessory that allows you to quickly call for help," announces the brand online. invisawear adds that "Bandits is a stylish, functional accessory with a hidden zipper pocket," designed for you to wear on your wrist, though they also recommend you "wrap it around your phone or water bottle." This collab with the noted fitness brand should "[provide] peace of mind, allowing you to accessorize while not worrying about your little valuables or your own safety."

Yamazaki Home Jewelry + Accessory Stand

Yamazaki Home's minimalist style comes in handy again: Here's their combined jewelry and accessory stand, easy to keep anyone organized without taking up too much space.

This home workout equipment from LIT Method makes sure students can keep up their wellness routines regardless of crowded gyms and study schedules.