Why Taylor Swift Says She Trusts Suki Waterhouse to "Keep Any Secret"

Taylor Swift gushed about her friendship with Suki Waterhouse, sharing that the Daisy Jones & the Six actress is "the wildest person I know."

By Gabrielle Chung Aug 03, 2023 10:15 PMTags
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This is Suki Waterhouse (Taylor Swift's version).

The pop superstar only had praise for Suki in a new profile about the Daisy Jones & the Six star's music. When asked to describe her gal pal, Taylor didn't hold back and offered a plethora of reasons as to why it's nice to call her a friend.

"Suki has always seemed like she stepped out of a time machine," she raved to Ssense. "Her music is so raw and hopelessly romantic because that's how she moves through the world."

Taylor continued, "When we hang out, I often come away wondering how someone can be simultaneously spontaneous and free—and also preternaturally wise. She is the wildest person I know who I would also trust to keep any secret."

If that wasn't already a big enough compliment, the 33-year-old also offered proof of Suki being possibly the chillest member in her star-studded squad. "You'll be stressed about something trivial," Taylor remarked, "she'll just look at you, cigarette in hand, and say ‘Babe, you know none of this actually matters.' And she'll be exactly right." 

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And the love goes both ways for Suki. After a fan site shared Taylor's quotes on social media, the 31-year-old tweeted, "imagine me this morning reading this article. i love this woman sm."


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Indeed, Suki has been a Swiftie since the two struck up a friendship years ago. Not only has she and boyfriend Robert Pattinson been on double dates with Taylor, but the actress is very familiar with the singer's many, many musical eras.

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"Right now I'm really in a 'Karma' moment," she told E! News' The Rundown in April. "'Blank Space' is an incredible song. Like, I was actually looking at her talking about it the other day, it was funny, she said it started as, like, a joke song about what someone would write about the perception of her, or something. And then that ended up being such a massive, amazing song."

Adding that she loves "everything" on 2020's Folklore and Evermore, Suki said with a joking sigh, "I'm a real Swiftie."

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