Why Keke Palmer Doesn't Want to Set "Unrealistic" Body Standards Amid Postpartum Journey

Keke Palmer, who welcomed her son Leodis Andrellton Jackson in February, opened up about her postpartum body and why it's her "job" to look good after having a baby.

By Alyssa Morin Aug 02, 2023 5:35 PMTags
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When it comes to looking good, Keke Palmer is a hustler.

After welcoming her son Leodis Andrellton Jackson seven months ago, the Nope actress recently shared a candid conversation with her trainer Corey Calliet about her postpartum body and why she's been determined to bounce back.

"It's my job," the 29-year-old put it bluntly on the Aug. 1 episode of her Baby, This Is Keke Palmer podcast. "I don't want people to think that I'm also setting unrealistic standards because I can afford a trainer. I can afford meal prep. I can afford a lot of things."

Keke, who shares Leodis with Darius Jackson, explained that it's also important for her to maintain her appearance.

"I'm investing in my career because it's my career to look good," she added. "Not even is it my career to look good, it is my career choice to have the kind of career that I want to have."

Keke Palmer's Pregnancy Looks

But don't get it twisted. The Hustlers star emphasized that this is her "personal choice," noting that she doesn't want anyone to compare their postpartum journey to hers.

"I never want to put it on anybody," she continued. "I always want to make it clear that when I am talking about fitness, health and wellness is that, 'Your journey is your journey. You figure it out the way you can.' And when you look at these celebrities and people in the industry, know that it is their job."


And just because Keke has been embracing her postpartum body throughout its various stages, that doesn't mean she hasn't faced any moments of self-doubt.

"It's interesting," she shared, "after the baby to see all the extra stuff I have to work with, and how much my fear of having extra weight actually became a strength as it pertained to weight training and working out."

The actress' trainer echoed those similar sentiments earlier this year while sharing how Keke's approach to fitness changed after welcoming her son.

"She's never had a thicker body. I said, 'Let's tap into that. Let's create a shape that was made by the baby,'" Corey exclusively told E! News in May. "It's turning things that are supposed to be looked at as negative into positive."

Much like Keke, he also stressed that he didn't want new moms to feel pressured to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy weight. 

"Get the Keke mindset," he suggested instead. "I want her to be the new face of fitness. I think it's time to have someone like her represent that lane of women in Hollywood—someone that is fit and strong."

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