KORA Organics Skincare From Miranda Kerr Is What Your Routine’s Been Missing — And It Starts at $18

Miranda Kerr's KORA Organics is an award-winning skincare line of cleansers, serums, and more — here's why you'll love it.

By Sophy Ziss Sep 24, 2023 11:00 AMTags
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KORA Organics is more than a skincare line: It's the passion project of model, mom, and businessperson Miranda Kerr.  As she writes on the company's website, even as a teenager, Miranda was "shocked" to discover just how many products made it into her family's home that were "deemed natural or safe," but actually "included toxic, potentially carcinogenic ingredients."

Growing up on a farm, she understood the importance of having anything but those around. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer when Miranda was 16, which she writes was a "turning point" that "sparked" her "lifelong passion for organic ingredients and holistic health."

Over the years, especially as she began to work full time, Miranda writes that she "found that organic skincare formulas didn't bring me the results I needed," and she wanted to know why. Years of research and "many conversations with natural formulators and experts" later, and KORA Organics was born.

What started as a simple company in 2009 is now in over 30 countries, and makes effective, organic skincare for every complexion achievable.

Below, shop the full range of Miranda Kerr's KORA Organics award-winning skincare products — including full-sized favorites that start at just $18.

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KORA Organics Minty Mineral Hydration Mist

Per the brand, this minty fresh mist "delivers essential moisture, refreshes makeup, and visibly boosts your natural glow."

KORA Organics Turmeric Glow Foaming Cleanser

Have you been looking for an "invigorating [and] skin-friendly pH gel face wash" that "transforms into a foamy lather," one that will "gently but thoroughly cleanse away visible dirt, oil, and other blemish-causing impurities," and is made with turmeric (yes, that turmeric), but haven't been able to find one? Well, here it is.

KORA Organics Renewing Hand & Body Wash

KORA Organics' multifunctional and "renewing" body wash uses "plant-derived surfactants to gently cleanse your skin," while also "replenishing it with antioxidant-rich botanicals and essential fatty acids that prevent stripping and drying."

KORA Organics Turmeric Sustainability Set

Two is always better than one. We know it, and the skincare line knows it. That's why they offer this eco-conscious turmeric set, with one "best-selling Turmeric Glow Moisturizer" paired with "a matching refill pod," to "keep you glowing without the waste."

KORA Organics AHA Resurfacing Serum

"By removing dead skin cell buildup, this AHA serum helps to renew your skin through gentle exfoliation and improves skin texture for a smoother, brighter, and more even complexion," writes the brand. They recommend using it nightly for best results.

KORA Organics Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion

This lotion is specifically formulated for hands and body (not your face!), and it's inspired by KORA Organics' "Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer." According to the brand, this lotion "uses certified organic botanicals to provide long-lasting hydration without a sticky or heavy feel."

KORA Organics Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream

Described by the label as "nourishing" and "moisturizing," which is exactly what we love in an eye cream, KORA Organics' Berry Bright "uses a 5.5% active Vitamin C sources to target the appearance of aging for firmer, more youthful-looking skin around the delicate eye area."

KORA Organics Turmeric Body Scrub

"Inspired by our best-selling Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask," says KORA Organics, "this nourishing scrub uses a blend of clinically proven soothing bio-actives and natural exfoliators like Turmeric and Rosehip to polish away dead skin cells and impurities without disrupting the skins natural barrier."

KORA Organics Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil

This award-winning cleansing oil — suitable for dry and oily skin types alike — is a "dual-phase deep cleansing oil." Simply "shake [it]" to transform the product into "a creamy milk that gently and thoroughly removes dirt, oil and eye makeup (even waterproof mascara)." 

KORA Organics Active Algae Sustainability Set

"Powered by Green Tea, Alpine Rose, Green Algae and Swiss Glacier Water," states KORA Organics, "this moisturizer releases a burst of hydrating and anti aging properties for healthy, radiant and youthful looking skin." This kit includes a moisturizer and a coordinating refill pod.

KORA Organics Noni Glow Face Balm

The fan-favorite Noni Glow Face Balm "instantly softens dry, rough, chapped or irritated spots and assists in moisture retention," per the brand. KORA says that it's "great for on-the-go application," bringing nourishment and "radiance" any time, any place.

KORA Organics Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer

One of the things the brand is best-known for is innovating new ways to take care of your skin. This one in particular is "packed with bioactive lipids, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from certified organic Green Algae, Green Tea, Alpine Rose, and Swiss Glacier Water." It's "especially well-loved by acne-prone, oily or redness-prone skin."

KORA Organics Sleeping Mask

Hydrating, soothing, and smoothing, KORA Organics' mask is a "lightweight, bouncy overnight mask that delivers hydration," as it "visibly plumps" skin.

KORA Organics Brightening Exfoliating Mask

"This award-winning, 2-in-1 turmeric face mask mimics a deep clean facial, and can be used as a scrub or detoxifying mask in any beauty routine for all skin types." Also, think turmeric and rosehip seeds, not skin-tearing and plumbing-clogging exfoliating beads.

KORA Organics Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum

All-natural ingredients, like "Vitamin C, antioxidant-rich superfruits, and Hyaluronic Acid" power this smoothing and protective daily serum.

KORA Organics Face Oil

The organic ingredients in this Sephora Beauty Insider award-winning facial oil are meant to "give your skin a rich source of antioxidants," and "essential fatty acids" alike. By the way, they're all :sourced from natural ingredients," like KORA Organics' ever-present Noni Extract, Rosehip Oil and Jojoba Oil.

KORA Organics Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Serum

You probably haven't seen anything like this: It's a "milky" and "dual-action" serum that brings a "nourishing boost of antioxidant protection," as it "gently targets [signs of] aging day and night," plus what the line describes as "24/7 support without irritation."

KORA Organics Gradual Self-Tanning Lotion

Offering hydration and pigment at once, this buildable self-tanning lotion helps you achieve a sunless tan from home.

KORA Organics Turmeric Glow Moisturizer

Per KORA Organics, this moisturizer's "powerful blend of turmeric and noni fruit extract" is meant to "visibly brighten skin," while also "minimizing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles."

KORA Organics Noni Glow Body Oil

This Allure magazine Beauty Award winner is a "luxurious, lightweight multi-purpose body treatment oil nourishes and delivers lasting hydration, while softening the feel of rough texture and improving the look of skin tone."

KORA Organics Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor

Is anything cuter than a heart-shaped gua sha tool made from rose quartz? I don't think so. 

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