Revisit Ryan Reynolds, Drew Barrymore and More Stars' Most Iconic Tonight Show Moments

From Ryan Reynolds roasting Jimmy Fallon on his movie career to Drew Barrymore fangirling over Charlie Puth, look back at The Tonight Show's most hilarious celebrity moments.

By Gabrielle Chung Jul 29, 2023 6:00 PMTags
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There's no time like the present to revisit The Tonight Show.

Ever since Jimmy Fallon became host of the beloved late night talk show in 2014, he and his celebrity guests have delighted viewers with not just charming interviews, but also memorable comedy skits and musical moments.

Take his "Ew!" sketches, for example, which have seen the likes of Taylor Swift, Channing Tatum, Ariana Grande and John Cena step into the shoes of a tween alongside Fallon's iconic Sara "with no H, because H's are ew" character.

And on the April 27 broadcast, fans got to see Drew Barrymore take on her best Swedish accent to play a foreign exchange student in the sketch. Then, after playing a rousing game of The Floor Is Lava—or, as Barrymore called it, "The Floor Is Flüva"—she and Fallon received a FaceTime call from Charlie Puth

"Charlie Puth," the actress squeed in her best fangirl impression, "I love you!"

Jimmy Fallon's Kids on The Tonight Show

Fallon also had plenty of fun trolling Ryan Reynolds on the Nov. 7 broadcast of The Tonight Show, in which they appeared in a sketch all about roasting each other's careers.


Todd Owyoung/NBC

"I respect that about you," the Saturday Night Live alum quipped to his guest, "you willing to own all the bad movies you've been in."

However, always one with a witty comeback, Reynolds joked back, "You know what I respect about you? You knew when to give up making movies entirely."

The Deadpool star added to Fallon, "You know the phrase 'Dance like no one is watching?' Well, you do everything like no one is watching."

However, The Tonight Show's numbers beg to differ. The latest season has tallied up 460 million engagements and 5 billion video views across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter—the most of any late night show.

For more hilarious celeb moments from The Tonight Show, watch the video above!

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