13 Reasons Why’s Tommy Dorfman Reveals She Was Paid Less Than $30,000 for Season One

13 Reasons Why alum Tommy Dorfman shared she made $29,953.24 for the first season of the Netflix show, noting that at the time she "barely qualified for insurance."

By Angie Orellana Hernandez Jul 25, 2023 11:41 PMTags
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Tommy Dorfman isn't holding back when it comes to her salary on 13 Reasons Why.

In light of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, the actress disclosed how much she made on first season of the popular Netflix series, in which she starred as Ryan Shaver from 2017-2020 before publicly transitioning in 2021.

"my earnings for the entire first season of 13 reasons why were $29,953.24 prior to agency and manager fees (20%) and taxes," Dorfman wrote on Threads July 24. "8 episodes over six months."

Dorfman said that despite working round-the-clock and being a prominent character on the show, she encountered challenges. As the 31-year-old explained, "i did all of the promo and had KEY ART for this show, flew round trip from NYC to SF to shoot for every episode, was kept for days without pay/working. i barely qualified for insurance."

Furthermore, Dorfman reflected on the show's success amid her financial burdens.

Stars on the Picket Line for SAG-AFTRA Strike 2023

"within the first 28 days of release, the show's season 1 garnered a total of 476 million view hours," she said. "this is why we strike."

E! News has reached out to Netflix for comment and has not heard back.

Dorfman's message comes nearly two weeks into the SAG-AFTRA strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The strike went into effect on July 14 after the union voted unanimously to picket against the film and television studios—their first strike since 1980.

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"It came with great sadness that we came to this crossroads," SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher said at a press conference, "but we have no choice."

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