Botched's Most Shocking Transformations Are Guaranteed to Make Your Jaw Drop

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Life in plastic (surgery)? Not always so fantastic. Just ask Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif.

For seven seasons, the Botched duo have surprised not only their patients but also viewers at home as they perform the complicated procedures required to correct failed surgeries. The result? Always a stunning transformation.

And come August 3, the eighth season will deliver even more jaw-dropping moments. In a new trailer released July 13, one patient admits she went in for a simple tummy tuck only to land in the ICU three times. Meanwhile, another brags about spending $250,000 on 25 procedures. 

And then there are the moments that really cut deep. While Dubrow admits in the teaser that the medical experts have "seen every complication known to man," this season, they'll face some of their most difficult challenges yet. 

Cut to Nassif mid-surgery declaring, "We're going to have to amputate." And in the operating room, Dubrow noting, "Her stats just dropped."

Most Interesting Patients on Botched

Of course, you can also expect the doctors to leave you in stitches. "We're gonna have great new patients, incredible surgeries," Nassif previously teased, "and a lot more bromance with, of course, me, the better looking one out of the two."

So before Dubrow and Nassif scrub in for another season, read on to look back at the most OMG before and after moments from the show. And catch up on every episode of Botched on Peacock.

Scar-y Arms

After losing 120 pounds with the help of a weight-loss surgery, Morgyn sought skin removal surgery to fix the sagging skin under her arms. The botched procedure left her with horrible red scars and discolored flesh.

Terry removed as much of the scar tissue as possible before closing up the wound, leaving her with more natural looking skin.

Cleft Nose

Jalissa was born with a cleft palate, which she underwent numerous surgeries for as a child to correct. During her final surgery something went terribly wrong and she was left with a large crease in her nose.

Paul added inner tip support before pulling down her nostril skin to make her nose more symmetrical, then added cartilage to the crease to fill it in.

Pepperoni Skin

Fitness influencer Beatriz went for B12 injections that she was told would desolve her fat. The shots left her with hundreds of scars and $1 million dollars in medical bills. Terry recommended laser treatments to improve the color of Beatriz's scar marks over invasive surgery.

Ear Hopes

Rasheera, who has two very rare diseases, was born without a right jaw bone and right ear. Paul harvested skin from her other ear and stomach to replace the old tissue before revising the shape and improving the look of her right ear. He also implanted a new hearing device on her left side.

As for her jaw, he used fat from her stomach and injected that into her face to give Rasheera better facial symmetry.

Tucked Up Tummy

After having kids, a botched tummy tuck left Maranda with a life-threatening infection that resulted in a horrible scar across her stomach. Terry performed liposuction and muscle-tightening before removing the scarred tissue and giving her her belly button back.

Lip Filler Fiasco

After getting lip fillers in her 20s, Monica contracted a nasty infection and had to have two thirds of her lips removed. Not even 20 more surgeries could restore Monica's smile.

Paul placed a buccal mucosal graft under her top lip to give her more projection, used a scapular skin graft to give her lips more fullness then treated her scarring around the chin.

Body Bummer

Chase, a trans male, was left with sagging skin, a concave chest and salami nipples after his previous doctor botched his top surgery.

Terry reduced the size of his areolas, tightened his chest skin and corrected his tummy tuck, leaving Chase more self-confident in his body.

Puckered Pouch

Linda was born with Omphalocele, a birth defect of the abdominal wall where the infant's intestines, liver or other organs stick outside of the belly through the belly button. The life-saving surgery she received left her with a brutal scar on her stomach.

Terry removed abdominal irregularities and scarring before tightening the underlying abdominal wall and giving Linda the belly button she never had.

Photobomb Beak

A botched nose job left Jasmine with a bulbous tip and a nasty scarp. Paul removed the protruding cartilage in her tip before opening her nostrils with a new bone graft and injecting cartilage in the sides to give her nose a more standard shape.

Shark Bite Hips

As an exotic dancer, Shekea got 15 to 20 butt injections to boost her career. Years later, she had a procedure to remove the unknown matter in her rear but developed a severe infection that left her hips and butt deformed. Terry created buttock pockets and moved fat tissue into her rear before removing the scarred skin tissue.

Eye of the Tiger

A near-fatal car accident landed Haylie in the hospital for 86 days and left her with an eye she's unable to close. Despite having a whopping 42 procuders to try to fix the injury, she remained at risk of losing her sight because the cornea is drying out. Paul reconstructed her upper and lower eyelid sockets using bone grafts and used skin grafts to give her eye tissue that would allow her to close her eye.

Side Show Breasts

After undergoing weight loss surgery in her 30s, Chrissy got a breast augmentation to fix her saggy boobs. The botched procedure left her with extremely lop-sided breasts and a misplaced nipple. Terry removed her misplaced implants and evened out her mishaped boobs.

Mohs Nose

Skin cancer ravaged Shelley's nose, leaving her with a whole on the left side. Paul used ear cartilage to build her a new left nostril before using a skin flap cut from her forehead to cover the defect and bring a new blood supply to her new nose.


After going under the knife for implants and a breast lift, Adraly was left with intense scarring around her nipples that looked like giant slices of Balogna. Terry replaced her old implants with new ones and removed as much of the scarred skin tissue as possible before giving her another lift.

Cartilage Collapse

After being born with birth defects, Nate sought out a rhinoplasty from Paul to fix his flat nose. However, after several years, the tip eventually collapsed again. For his second time around with the Botched docs, Paul replaced the previous bone graft with new a new one to build out Nate's bridge and expanded his nostrils to improve his breathing, leaving him with a more symmetrical nose.

Front Butt

Having struggled with her weight all her life, Terina underwent a gastric sleeve procedure and lost over 100 pounds. However, she was left with tons of hanging skin. A Tijuana mommy makeover landed her in the ER with dying flesh and an emergency surgery barely saved her life. Terry removed her scarring and tightened her skin to give her the flat stomach she always wanted.


Tyliyah's ear piercing produced a skin keloid that she had removed five times, but every time it grew back more bumpy and bulbous. Paul removed the keloid tissue before injesting her ear with a tumor therapy to prevent it from growing back.

Breast Wishes

A botched breast augmentation left Rebecca with one high boob and one low boob. Terry removed her misplaced implants and inserted new ones before lifting the sagging breast.

Cocaine Collapse

After over a decade of cocaine use, Demi's nose collapsed, leaving her with a flat face. Paul removed remaining scar tissue before inplanting harvested rib bone to rebuild her bridge, then used crtilage grafts to build out the sides of her nose and open up her closed nostrils.

Soup Bowl Pecs

After being obese his whole life, Bruce lots a ton of weight, leaving him with saggy skin. But weight loss surgery gone wrong left him with a sunken chest. Terry removed extra skin before implanting tissue to rebuild Bruse's pacs, giving him a more muscular chest.

Nose Woes

Lori was born with a rare autoimmune disease that eventually at away at the cartilage in her nose, leaving it looking sunken, flat and deformed. To fix it, Paul inserted a harvested cartilage graft to build out the bridge before widening the nostril holes and lengthening the tip.

Brick Breasts

Wanting bigger boobs, Cherish sought out a breast augmentation that left her with "brick-looking, saggy breasts." During her consultation with the docs, Terry pointed out the implants dissociated from the breast muscle.

After removing her misplaced implants, Terry restitched her muscles then added new, smaller implants before lifting the dropping skin and repositioning her nipples.


A botched facelift left Jo Anna with scars and pigment discoloration along her jowls and neck. Paul cut out as much of the scarred skin as possible before using medical tattoos to cover as much of the discolored skin at possible.

No Nipp and No Tuck

After having three kids, Mary desperately wanted a mommy makeover. But her Mexican breast lift and tummy immediately got infected, leaving her scarred and without nipples or breast tissue. Terry gave her a proper breast life and implants before removing the scarred tissue on her stomach and tightening her tummy. Plus, now Mary has nipples thanks to permanent skin tattoos.

Picasso Nose

As a teen, Zaverie broke his nose playing basketball leaving him with a nose so crooked it looked like something out of a Picasso painting. Two rhinoplasties later and the Toronto native's nose looked even worse. 

Paul removed the crooked septal crest and implanted a new bridge harvested from rib bone, giving Zaverie a straight nose once again.

Rocky Mountain Abs

Sandra underwent five surgeries before the age of two after she was born with Omphalocele, a birth defect where a person's intestines or internal organs are on the outside of her body. The life-saving procedures left her with intense scarring on her stomach that filled her with shame.

Terry cut out much of the scars and scar tissue, leaving Sandra with a tighter, smoother belly. The doctor even created a belly button for her.

Swinging Schnoz

Three botched nose job left Renee with a crooked nose bridge that moved around under the skin. Paul replaced the old bridge with a new rib bone craft to straighten out her nose and fix the looseness.

BBL Hell

Destiny contracted a deadly flesh-eating infection after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift that ate the tissue of her left cheek. Terry moved tissue from her lower back down into her buttock to correct her lop-sided backside, leaving her with a more symmetrical rear end.

Doggone Nose

Carolina lost the tip of her dog from a terrible dog bite. After over a dozen failed surgeries to try to repair it, Paul restored the tip of Carolina's nose to give her a more natural appearance.

Butt Foot

After steeping on a nail as a child, Lita was left with a mass on the bottom of her left foot that caused her pain and discomfort. Terry removed the skin graft and smoothed out the skin on the bottom of her foot where the growth once was.

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