Warning: This video contains anxiety-inducing flashing lights. Just check out the look on Mariah Carey's face throughout the first half.

That said, no one is doubting the singer's impressive set of pipes, but—frighteningly jarring lighting and quick edits aside—did she actually utilize them on America's Got Talent last night?

Well, that's debatable.

Clearly appearing on the reality show as a favor to the host—her hubby, Nick Cannon—the songbird robotically rendered her new single, "Obsessed," better known as that track about Eminem. We would have expected her to belt out her best on his behalf. Instead, she seemed tentative and stiff, to say the least.

Other than stepping over her grounded dancers and the occasional shoulder sway, she hardly moves. And then, when said movers and shakers lift her, her fear and discomfort are palpable (and maybe a little contagious).

It didn't really get much better after the performance.

Nick joined her onstage shouting, "I don't care what nobody say, that song is about me 'cause I am obsessed with this beautiful girl right here."

As he yammers on about his wife's records and assets, the "girl" (really?!) hugs and pets and smooshes his cheeks.

"It's all about Mariah right now," he says.

"No, no. This is your show. I'm just so happy to be here, ya know?" she responds.

Is this what romance is supposed to look like?

Something tells us Piers Morgan might have gonged this performance a long time ago.

Mariah Got Talent?
What did you think of Mariah Carey's performance (both as a singer and as a wife) on America's Got Talent?


Speaking of Talent, have you seen Susan Boyle's new makeover?!

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