Love is Blind's Lauren Speed-Hamilton Reveals If She and Husband Cameron Would Ever Return To TV

Love is Blind alum Lauren Speed-Hamilton shared what it would it take for fans to get a glimpse of her and husband Cameron on reality TV again in an exclusive interview with E! News.

By Kisha Forde Jul 16, 2023 12:00 PMTags
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Don't let the name fool you: Lauren Speed-Hamilton wasn't exactly in a rush to get back into the TV game.
But that doesn't mean the Love is Blind alum—who fell head over heels in love with Cameron Hamilton during season one of the Netflix dating show—closed the door on reality TV for good. In fact, the couple could see themselves back in that position under the right circumstances.

"We just want to be sure that it is something that will feel good to us," Lauren, who recently partnered with Dollar General for their Days of Beauty Event, exclusively told E! News. "We don't want to be on TV just to be on TV because that's when you get in trouble. That's when you end up in situations where you're not happy with the outcome. The story starts to warp itself just for entertainment."

And yes, these two peas in a pod could be making their return sooner than you think.

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"Whatever we walk into, which, I have a feeling it'll be soon, you never know," she said, "we just want it to feel good to us and to our supporters."

After season four of the Netflix series aired, quite a few of Lauren and Cameron's online supporters suggested that the couple return to the show as hosts (where Nick and Vanessa Lachey remain at the helm). But as Lauren put it, that possibility isn't the cards just yet.


"As of right now, I can't say that we'll be taking over Nick and Vanessa's jobs, to my knowledge," she explained. "But that doesn't mean that we'll never be hosting a dating show of some sort of our own or even in the future with Netflix. You just never know. We just have to stay tuned and see how the dominoes fall, but I definitely could see that in our future, no doubt."

After tying the knot onscreen during the show's first season—which was actually a year before the series' 2020 debut—the couple remains a fan-favorite more than four years later. As for how the entrepreneur feels about all the love she and Cameron continue to receive?

"It feels great to have set that bar," she shared. "And I think it feels even better because it's not something that we were trying to do, it just naturally happened through us organically falling in love and being ourselves on this huge platform. And I think because of that reason, so many people love us, and they love our story."

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