Larsa Pippen "Traumatized" By Michael Jordan's Comment About Her Relationship With His Son Marcus

After Michael Jordan noted his disapproval of the relationship between his son Marcus, 32, and girlfriend Larsa Pippen, 48, the Real Housewives of Miami star is sharing her initial reaction.

By Kisha Forde Jul 11, 2023 6:50 PMTags
Watch: Larsa Pippen "Embarrassed" By Michael Jordan Comment

Larsa Pippen wasn't exactly the biggest fan of Michael Jordan's recent commentary.

ICYMI, the basketball legend appeared to succinctly voice his disapproval of the relationship between his son Marcus, 32, and the Bravo star, 48, earlier this month. Now, the Real Housewives of Miami star says she felt "embarrassed" after the NBA star's comments came to light. 

But as Marcus revealed, Michael cleared the air with them personally before his comments were made public.

"We knew ahead of time because he called me and texted me and wanted to make sure that I didn't take anything the wrong way," Marcus shared during the July 11 episode of their Separation Anxiety with Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan podcast. "But then when the article came out, he texted me again and he never said ‘hell no' and that's not what the implications were."

And though Marcus explained that he laughed the comment off initially, Larsa admitted she didn't see the humor.

"You thought it was funny," Larsa told Marcus. "I didn't think it was funny. There is nothing funny about it." As she explained, "I kinda felt like it went everywhere, and I was kind of embarrassed."

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Earlier this year, Larsa—who shares four children with ex Scottie Pippen—revealed that her boyfriend's family was "happy" for them as a couple and that everyone was in a good space. It's a stance that she was worried would be perceived as untruthful amid Michael's recent comment.

"I think people started to think that—online they were saying that I was lying, that I lied and said that our parents are fine because I was doing interviews and saying both of our families are fine," she continued. "When I would say that I felt like I didn't embellish that."

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And considering the dynamic between her ex and Marcus' dad—former Chicago Bulls teammates who had a notable falling out—Larsa can see all viewpoints when it comes to their relationship.

"I do understand that it's not awkward for us to be together because it's us, but it probably is awkward for my ex and your dad because they have their own relationship or whatever it was," she shared. "I wasn't a part of that, you weren't a part of that. So, I feel like for them it probably is weird, it probably is weird for your dad. I can't be mad. I understand."

But to sum up Larsa's knee-jerk reaction to it all? "Oh my gosh, I was traumatized," she said. "I was like what are we going to do, people think I lied."

However, as the couple confirmed, its officially all water under the bridge.

"I feel good right now," Larsa said. "I feel like we talked it through."

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