RHOC Star Gina Kirschenheiter’s CaraGala Skincare Line Is One You’ll Actually Use

Gina Kirschenheiter talks to E! about how her practical skincare line CaraGala belongs in everyone's cabinet (and shower), her podcast, and more.

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"Let's keep it real. Let's keep it basic." So says Gina Kirschenheiter of the driving force behind CaraGala, her innovative, versatile, and intentionally crafted skincare line. Designed to give all skin types the best possible care from home — something the Real Housewives of Orange County castmember, entrepreneur, podcaster, licensed Real Estate agent, and mother felt she was lacking — CaraGala meets you where you are.

E! talked to Gina about the driving force behind CaraGala, her commitment to authenticity, and why you won't find a toner in her complete skincare sets. (Spoiler alert: It's because, who has the time for toners anymore?)

E!: First, I just want to make sure I'm pronouncing it correctly. Is the brand CaraGala, or CaaahraGala?

I'm actually not too particular about that! I actually came up with the name is because Cara Cara is a type of orange and Galais a type of apple. So for me, it represents Orange County and New York together.

E!: Tell me a little bit more about CaraGala.

We have a full line of skin care products that are easy and time-saving. I need very easy. That's what I like! Let's be realistic, here: When you're investing in [most] skincare regimens, they're not cheap, and the only way they work is if you keep using them. I wanted products that real women would benefit from, even when they're busy.

Keep reading to learn more about The Real Housewives of Orange County star's skincare line, her ethos, and maybe discover your next favorite product in the process.

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CaraGala Rapid Therapy Masque

"If you're only going to get one product, get [this] masque," Gina told E!, adding that "It will make a difference, even if you use it once a week." She also recommends the Rapid Therapy Mask for those curious to try CaraGala without "committing to a whole regimen" right out of the gate.

CaraGala Radiant Peel Pads

Before E! could even finish asking if she ever played favorites, Gina had an answer. CaraGala offers "these incredible great beauty pads," she said, referring to the Radiant Peel Pads. The "real, effective, active ingredients" in the pre-prepped pads mean you only need to use the exfoliator two or three nights a week. Designed to be removed from the container, used, and disposed, the Radiant Peel Pads are a "realistic, everyday" solution to skincare.

CaraGala Intensive Hyaluronic Cream

"Every product in our line is also a travel size," the founder added, noting that most of her consumers are not just women, but working mothers. They're not always going to have the time to consider whether their go-to product is TSA-approved!

CaraGala Salicylic Balancing Cleanser

"Every one of my cleansers, comes with two cleansers in the box," Gina beamed, "One for the sink and one for the shower. Specifically." It's design choices like that that help set CaraGala apart.

CaraGala Essential Peptides Serum

CaraGala is about putting aside "expectations," and just plain taking care of yourself. It doesn't have to be as hard or complex or regimented as it's often advertised. Oh, and Gina is pro-serum, anti-toner. More on that later.

CaraGala 100% Hyaluronic Serum

When asked about how she gets everything done, the multi-hyphenate got honest. "Well, you know what I think," she mused, "Just like most women would probably tell you: You don't really have a choice, you know, so you just do the best you can." 

CaraGala Beyond Calm Milk Cleanser

She also commented on the importance of showing up 100% for whatever you're doing at the time, whether it's business, podcasting, family time, or something else. Consciously or not, that approach to mindfulness is apparent in CaraGala, where each item is practical — and makes it easy to make time for. (As it barely takes any time at all.)

CaraGala Rosehip Renewal Wash

The inspiration for two cleansers in a box? Well, that was delightfully blunt. According to Gina, it's all about accessibility...and having a bottle where you need it. When washing her face, she said, "I'd be staring at [a cleanser] on the shower shelf next to me, and then every time I'd be at the sink I'd have to like pull it out of the shower. [The bottle] would be dripping, and it would piss me off!" The solution? Two bottles.

CaraGala Resveratrol Hydra Surge

"I need skincare at home that works," Gina stressed, noting that with her schedule, she doesn't have the time for facials and similar treatments that people might expect. As a result, she described herself as "her own biggest hype girl" for the brand.

CaraGala Vita Brightening Serum

"I literally changed my skin with my own products," the founder said, "They're honestly amazing."

CaraGala Combination Skin Regimen

The only thing you won't find in a CaraGala complete regimen: Toners of any kind. "Honestly, to me?" laughed Gina, "A toner is a waste of time! I only use them a little. They pile up. I end up with 32 toners in my cabinet, but I have no cleansers ever." Thus the intentionality behind putting two cleansers in every kit.

E!: In addition to CaraGala, you have a podcast as well.

I'm actually I'm really stoked about this. The name of the podcast is Orange Country. It's available on all platforms where you can access a podcast, and it's really cool. I have a co-host too, Shane McAnally. He's just a really amazing man. We're from such completely different worlds. But then we have such common ground. And really, we've just found that like when we get together, we have really interesting conversations.

Just like everything else that I do, we're keeping it extremely real in there.  Obviously, sometimes we talk about Housewives. But it's really not Housewives-focused. So this is a really great opportunity to have real conversations and share real life, you know.

And one of the things that I also love about my my co-host is that, he's extremely successful, but has also been at rock bottom. [Hearing these stories] is really helpful to people who are out there struggling with stuff, you know? We touch on some of the sobriety stuff that we both have, and parenting and funny stuff. It's our fun ride. And we love people to come along with us for it.

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