Cynthia Nixon Weighs In On Chances of Kim Cattrall Returning for More And Just Like That Episodes

Cynthia Nixon shared what the future holds for Kim Cattrall returning in a more permanent way for season 3 of And Just Like That.

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Watch: Cynthia Nixon Weighs in on Kim Cattrall's AJLT Cameo

Amid the news of Kim Cattrall's And Just Like That cameo, many fans couldn't help but wonder if we'll be seeing more of Samantha Jones.

However, Cynthia Nixon doesn't want anyone to get their hopes up. In fact, the Sex and the City star recently admitted that the chances of seeing Kim back on the series beyond her season two cameo of And Just Like That are "I think very, very small."

"You know it was a cameo," Cynthia said on the June 29 episode of Watch What Happens Live. "And I think it was a special treat for the twenty-fifth anniversary. We tried so hard to keep it quiet, we're really sorry it got out."

Host Andy Cohen echoed the disappointment regarding the leak of Kim's cameo, agreeing, "It really pissed me off."

And Cynthia, who reprises her role of Miranda Hobbes on the Sex and the City continuation, explained how it was all supposed to go down, adding, "It would've been such a fun thing as you're watching an episode, and she popped up, but... yeah."

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HBO confirmed in late May that Kim, who previously suggested that she wouldn't appear on And Just Like That, would be making a cameo amid reports of her return.

And while the cast and crew, including star Sarah Jessica Parker and creator Michael Patrick King, have expressed excitement over her appearance, Cynthia has also shared her disappointment that the surprise cameo didn't stay just that.

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"We're very excited about it," the 57-year-old exclusively told E! News of the cameo June 21, "but I just want everyone to keep in mind that so much of the fun of it is we work so hard to keep it under wraps so Samantha would just pop up unexpectedly."

The Gilded Age star also tried to manage expectations surrounding the cameo itself, adding, "It's a very small, wave-at-the-fans kind of appearance, so I think it's very important that everybody know that. I'm so sorry the surprise was blown but hopefully people will still enjoy it."

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For her part, Kim had some stipulations about returning as the iconic Samantha Jones—specifically surrounding her character's wardrobe. 

"It's very interesting to get a call from the head of HBO saying, 'What can we do?'" the 66-year-old shared of being asked to come back while on The View June 28. "And I went, 'Hmm. Let me get creative.'"

And at the top of her list? Reuniting with former SATC costume designer Patricia Field.

"One of those things was to get Pat Field back," the Glamorous actress continued. "Because I just thought that if I'm going to come back, I gotta come back with that Samantha style, I gotta push it." 

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