Jesse Palmer Teases "Wild" Season of Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise host Jesse Palmer exclusively teased what fans can expect from season nine—including unexpected pairings and returning cast members—and shared his advice to the cast.

By Elyse Dupre Jul 03, 2023 2:00 PMTags
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Grab a cocktail and get ready for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Because as host Jesse Palmer put it, "It's wild, man." 

After all, not only will season nine be full of the usual roses and date cards, but it'll also be brimming with emotion.

"So many people are showing up, so many people are leaving. It's hard to keep track," Jesse told E! News about Bachelor in Paradise in an exclusive interview to promote his partnership with TINCUP and its Find Your Partner in Adventure campaign. "People are laughing, crying. There's tons of drama—understandably and expectantly."

But the temperature in Mexico isn't the only thing heating up as the 44-year-old teased some "very strong connections" within the cast. As for who exactly those cast members are?

"It's gonna be a lot of Bachelor Nation's favorites I think from recent seasons showing up," Jesse noted. "There may be a few repeat offenders from Paradise showing up themselves. Maybe even one or more former leads will be coming to the beach as well."

Bachelor Nation's Still-Rosy Romances

And given that Jesse is now a veteran when it comes to hosting Paradise, he has some words of wisdom for the singles headed to the beach. Like, don't come in "laser-focused" to meet a certain person.

"It's always so funny to me," he explained. "I talk to everybody at the gates of Paradise before they head on down to the beach, and everybody always has a plan. There's always somebody that they're there to meet, they're really hoping that person's gonna be there, and they just sort of think they know how it's gonna go—and that's never what happens."

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Instead, Jesse—who will be helping others form connections through outdoor activities at TINCUP's Mountain Mixer event in Los Angeles on July 26—advises Bachelor Nation stars to come in open-minded and go on dates. After all, they never know who they'll form a connection with while catching rays or grabbing a drink at Wells Adams' bar. 

And he hinted that these unexpected pairings may be the ones to watch.

"I think that people at home are gonna be really surprised at who ends up coupling up together and who potentially finds love on the beach this summer," he shared. "I bet there are some couples that nobody saw coming, that no one will be able to connect in the beginning. [Like], 'There's no way it's going to be these two people.' And that's what inevitably happens."

Noting that this has been the case for both of his seasons hosting Paradise, he added, "Wells and I have our hands full, let's put it that way." 

Jesse also discourages contestants from sticking their head in the sand, emphasizing that they have to be active participants in the process.

"Don't try to play it cool in Paradise," he instructed. "If you sit back and try to let it all come to you, you'll just get washed over. Like, you have to take charge and you have to go for what you want."

Jesse Palmer

And while it may make some contestants feel like a fish out of water—especially if two friends are interested in the same person—Jesse stressed the importance of following one's heart.

"The biggest advice I think I give people when they show up at the gates of Paradise before they head on down to the beach is go for what you want, prioritize yourself," he noted. "Because if you don't prioritize yourself on the beach, absolutely no one else is going to do it for you."

As Jesse put it simply, "You gotta shoot your shot."

And while the former football player is ready to raise a glass to the new season of Bachelor in Paradise, he noted he wouldn't mind switching up some of the drinks at the beach's bar.

"Margaritas just get boring after a while," he admitted. "I mean, listen, they're great—I love a great marg. But an Old Fashioned maybe here or there with some great TINCUP Rye, a little maple syrup for the for the resident Canadian, I think that'd be pretty good."

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