Is The View Interested in Paula Abdul?

The reality-show judge is leaving American Idol--and we know exactly where she should go next

By Ted Casablanca, Becky Bain Aug 05, 2009 10:04 PMTags

Could newly unemployed Paula Abdul be the fifth femme to join the ladies of The View? Why not! "We love Paula," The View's rep exclusively tells us. "She was always welcome on the program in the past and always will be in the future."

Some say Abdul should join Dancing With the Stars or host her own dancing-type show, but we totally disagree. Ab-doll's at her best (and most amusing) when she's yammering away about nothing, and what better place to do that on a national platform than The View?

Here's why it makes sense:

Paula's personality would fit in perfectly in that semicircle of crazy-acting, loudmouthed ladies, and Sherri Shepherd might actually seem intelligent compared with the hilarious incoherence coming out of P.A.'s mouth. (Elisabeth Hasselbeck, however, will continue to hold the title of Dumbest Person on TV).

Plus, The View absolutely loves stirring up some drama to become watercooler blab for weeks—Rosie vs. Trump, Rosie vs. Elisabeth in a split-screen bitch-off, Danny DeVito allegedly wasted on-air, Alec Baldwin apologizing for his infamous voicemail and so on. Nabbing Idol's beloved ousted judge would give the show the much-needed buzz it's been lacking for a while.

And how long will original host Joy Behar last now that she's got her own show launching in September? Plus, Barbara W. will helm for how much longer? She needs a pretender to throne, right? Pray that's not going to be Hasselbeck. So it seems absolutely perf for Abdul to come big-hair onboard, supersplashy style, no?

We asked the folks over at The View if they'd be up for Abdul possibly joining the table, either permanently or as a temporary spot.

The daytime talk show's rep exclusively tells us:

"Long before the Idol news broke yesterday, we had asked her to fill in as a celebrity guest cohost, during Elisabeth's maternity leave. We aren't hiring, of course." 

Still, sounds promising for the future! So give the lady a shot, ABC! She's eons more entertaining than Kara DioGuardi, and isn't that what being on TV is all about? You'd better believe it.


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