Amanda Seyfried Gives a Totally Fetch Tour of Her Dreamy New York City Home

Amanda Seyfried shared a peek inside her dreamy New York City apartment, saying, "I just feel so at peace here in the big city, feeling like we're slightly home even though we're not."

By Alyssa Morin Jun 27, 2023 10:48 PMTags
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Amanda Seyfried is living the dream in the city that never sleeps.

The Mean Girls alum offered a peek inside her home away from home, revealing the serene New York City apartment she and her husband Thomas Sadoski (and their kids Nina, 6, and Thomas, 2) stay at when they're away from their farm in the Catskills. 

"What I wanted here was something that felt natural," Amanda said in Architectural Digest's June 27 video of its Open Door series. "And I just feel so at peace here in the big city, feeling like we're slightly home even though we're not."

The Dropout star's apartment features a plethora of charming characteristics that will transport you to another time period. From dramatically arched windows to old-school shower handles, there's no shortage of homages to early 20th-century architecture. After all, her apartment, a building from 1907, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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There are even a few design elements that couldn't be altered, like a large support beam that's sandwiched between her laundry room and bathroom.

"Like most New York City apartments, we have this amazing feature," Amanda quipped, "which we couldn't get rid of if we wanted to."

Architectural Digest/YouTube

However, there are updated elements to her house that provide modern functionality such as an oak plank that acts as a partition to create an entryway and pocket doors that allow for extra space. But mixing the old with the new is the kind of style Amanda gravitates towards.

For example, while her kitchen appliances are contemporary, her dining table has been around the block.

"This is my old table from my old apartment," she shared. "I will never part with it. Dinnertime is just oil and food on the floor and messiness, and a new stain is made. And a new memory is made, and that's just how we have to look at things."

Architectural Digest/YouTube

When reflecting on her space, she added, "My kitchen, my dining room, living room, the fact that they're all sharing pretty much the same space makes it feel really cozy. It's totally different from my house upstate."

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