"Well, It's Still Pride" Is Reason Enough To Buy These 25 Rainbow Things

Who doesn't love a good rainbow-themed impulse purchase during Pride, right? Plus, everyone knows you deserve it.

By Sophy Ziss Jun 30, 2023 8:09 PMTags
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June 30 marks the end of Pride Month in the United States, but certainly not the end of pride as a concept. Not by a long shot. Pride is something to be honored, celebrated, and shopped for all year.

Did I say shopped for? I did. I did say that. After all, I'm a shopping writer, so that's what I do: I help find the best things for you to buy. And better still? Reasons to buy them.

If you know me at all, you know I can't resist a good impulse purchase. I'll find any holiday on the calendar to round up a list of must-have yoga stuff, self-care essentials, pricey candles, and pretty much anything else it's always nice to have an excuse to shop for.

Fortunately, this one is baked right in to the entire month of June. The designated "official" Pride parades might be behind us, but a lifetime of pride-centric events are ahead of us. So what I'm hearing is a delightful excuse to buy all kinds of rainbow-themed items.

Fingerless gloves. Knee-high socks. Holiday ornaments. Pajamas. If you like it, I found one with a rainbow on it. And Pride is the perfect reason to add it all to your collection.

Scroll on and get to shopping before June ends for real and you'll need to come up with an excuse on your own.

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Rainbow Unicorn Pool Float Glass Christmas Ornament

It's a unicorn. It's a pool float. It's a rainbow. It's an ornament. It's the perfect thing to buy "just because."

Diamond Net Fingerless Gloves

I mean, if Pride isn't an excuse to buy rainbow fishnet fingerless gloves, then I don't know what is.

Music Legs Zig Zag Rainbow Tights

Pastel rainbow-hued tights in a zig-zag pattern: The answer to the question "Why blend in when you can stand out?"

Sunny Vibes Rainbow Bodysuit Multi Color

This one-size-fits-most body suit is basically the hottest thing anyone's ever seen. We should all have one for that reason alone.

Rainbow Feathered Boa Costume

It's a rainbow feathered boa! You never know when you might need one.

Mirage Rainbow Shaker

This iridescent shaker gets the party started early. BTW, zero-proof drinks are just as cool.

Beistle Rainbow Tutu

Vibrant and versatile, this rainbow tutu is yet another accessory that belongs in every dress-up-just-because collection. Also doubles as a good costume in a pinch!

Rainbow Unicorn Skinny Squeaking Plush Dog Toy

Not that we ever need an excuse to treat them to something new, but our four-legged friends definitely shouldn't be left out of celebrations.

Pop TV - Parks And Recreation - Andy As Princess Rainbow Sparkle

Technically, we could say this is Parks and Recreation's Andy in drag. So it counts.

Rainbow Single-Bottle Wine Bag

As you can see, even a gesture as simple as bringing a nice bottle to an event can get zhuzhed up for Pride nowadays.

Memoi Rainbow Rugby Knee High Socks for Women

A quality pair of knee-high socks is an essential for so many reasons. Topped with rainbow stripes, this pair is an extra-must-have.

Creative Converting Rainbow Foil Photo Booth Props

10 pieces of 10" high props ensure you can celebrate rainbow-style time and time again.

Genevive Rainbow Dome Ring

Trying to get fancy with it? Genevive's fully-adjustable and 14K gold-plated ring adds an elegant (and rainbow!) flourish to any ensemble.

Glass Rainbow and Clouds Christmas Ornament

Sometimes, something simple can say it all. Also, it's never too early to be thinking about the holidays.

White Unicorn with Rainbow Mane Glittered Christmas Glass Ornament

Okay, just one last unicorn and rainbow ornament on this list. I swear! I just love it so much, and I suspect someone else might too.

Leveret Kids Footed Fleece Pajama Rainbow

Even babies can feel the love!

Rubies Costume Large Rainbow Pet Costume

Puppies too!

Leveret Women's Two-Piece Cotton Pajamas Rainbow

Don't worry: You can all match. There are plenty of rainbow-printed things to go around.

Dress Up America Rainbow Bow Tie

We're now moving into the silly-costume-but-also-just-kind-of-fun-to-have-around section of the article. First up: This easy-to-wear bow tie!

Wide Rainbow Suspenders

Next: Rainbow suspenders! With these bad folks in your back pocket (aka, clipped onto them), the outfit possibilities are endless.

Forum Novelties Costumes Halloween Rainbow Bow Tie

For those who want a more high-impact bow tie look, there's this baddie...

Beistle Jumbo Rainbow Bow Tie

...Or this extremely oversized, very silly, and surprisingly high-end one. This concludes the bow-tie portion of the list.

Music Legs - Rainbow Multi Colored Gloves

What's that? Another pair of fingerless gloves, but in a different palette and texture? Absolutely, that's what this is. 

Terez Black Rainbow Star Foil Uplift Bike Shorts

The shimmering stars on this pair of bike shorts proves that even working out can have glamour to it. Also that even those who favor black year-round don't have to miss out on the rainbow fun!

Sunnylife Luxe Lie-On Float | Rainbow

If working out isn't your thing, and it definitely isn't mine, then we can relax together on this multicolored pool float from SUNNYLiFE. Pool recommended, but not 100% required.

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