Pride Funkos For Every Fandom: Disney, Marvel, Star Wars & More

These rainbow-hued Funko Pops for Pride make every day one to celebrate.

By Sophy Ziss Jun 23, 2023 4:37 PMTags
Ecomm: Pride Funkos

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In the US, the month of June is often synonymous with "Pride." It's a weeks-long celebration of all things inclusive and historic. Throughout the month, you can find readings, parties, parades, events, and generally any kind of gathering you can think of that's designed to honor and the LGBTQIA+ community. 

If you're me, that also means allyship. In its many forms, but today: Shopping. After all, what good would a shopping writer be if she couldn't point out the amazing ways you enjoy Pride-themed stuff during June, and the rest of the year, too?

Enter: Pride Funko Pops. No, I'm not making it up. No, they're not just rainbow-hued. Yes, they're fully named and in honor of Pride. The cutest, easiest, and most tangible way to show off something you love — on your dresser, desk, or behind glass on a shelf — can also be used to celebrate something more significant.

Below, shop Pride-themed Funkos to suit every fandom, whether it's foul-mouthed superheroes, dreamy cartoon teens, or just an anthropomorphic trash-cleaning robot.

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Pop Marvel - Pride - Deadpool

Grown-ups will appreciate this rainbow-hued Deadpool. Hopefully, only grown-ups, as kids should not be watching that movie.

Pop Disney - Pride - Wall-E

Loved ones of all ages can appreciate a pride-themed Wall-E. I mean, can anyone watch that without crying? I don't think so.

Pop Disney - Pride - Mickey Mouse

For those who love to kick it old-school: Mickey Mouse, now with his Pride suit on.

Pop Star Wars - Pride - Stormtrooper

"Wait, aren't Stormtroopers bad?" Well, technically, yes. But Pride is good. Plus, wait, Finn was good! So let's not rush to generalizations anymore, people.

Pop Animation - Pride - Tina Belcher

Many feel a strong connection to Bob's Burgers yearning teen Tina Belcher as it is. Seeing her in Pride Mode will really only enhance that, I think.

These cute Pride accessories make it easy to add a little pride (or a lot of it) to the everyday. 

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