Kelly Ripa Details the Lengths She and Mark Consuelos Go to For Alone Time

Kelly Ripa hinted at the “lengths” that she and husband Mark Consuelos go to for moments of privacy whenever their home is buzzing with family—including their now-adult kids Michael, Lola and Joaquin.

By Angie Orellana Hernandez Jun 14, 2023 9:05 PMTags
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Kelly Ripa would prefer an empty nest for certain occasions.

In fact, the Live! host recently revealed that her and husband Mark Consuelos' children—Michael, 26, Lola, 21, and Joaquin, 20—seem to pop up when they least expect it.

"Mark and I had gotten into our habits of just sort of wandering around as we please, you know, leaving the doors open as we please," Kelly exclusively told Justin Sylvester in the June 14 episode of E! News airing at 11 p.m. "And then, lo and behold, Lola comes back from London and now we've gotta lock it up again. Joaquin came home for his summer break, and we had to lock it up again."

The All My Children alum also expressed her agreement with the old adage, "You see your kids a lot more once they move out of the house," noting of her children, "Once they move out of the house, they find all sorts of reasons to come back home."

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And it's not just the kids making surprise appearances. In fact, she revealed that "for a while, my parents had moved in with me."

Of course, a full house means a little less privacy. When asked by Justin if she and Mark had resorted to "sneaking around" to make time for more romantic endeavors, Kelly replied with a laugh, "I mean, you have no idea. The lengths. The lengths that we go to."

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While Kelly and Mark appear to be attached at the hip—take co-hosting Live with Kelly and Mark, for example—she also clarified they enjoy their own separate ventures. Case in point: Kelly launched her own podcast, Let's Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa, which releases new episodes every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts, SXM App and other listening platforms.

"We keep very active together, but we are also equally active separately with our separate stuff," Kelly said of her husband of 28 years. "That's the reason why we can work together, because we've got like, other things going on."

For more from Kelly, catch the full interview on the June 14 episode of E! News at 11 p.m.

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