Charlize Theron, Tracee Ellis Ross and More Support Celeb Hairstylist Johnnie Sapong After Brain Surgery

After undergoing emergency brain surgery, celebrity hairstylist Johnnie Sapong is receiving support from stars including Charlize Theron, Tracee Ellis Ross and Amandla Stenberg.

By Kisha Forde Jun 12, 2023 7:35 PMTags
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Johnnie Sapong's friends are rallying around him during a crucial time.

The celebrity hairstylist remains in intensive care after undergoing emergency brain surgery, according to his son, John, who detailed his dad's harrowing story in a GoFundMe post. Among those who expressed their support for him by donating are Charlize Theron, Daniel Craig, Milla Jovovich, Amandla Stenberg and more.

In his heartbreaking message, John explained that his dad was recently rushed to the emergency room after experiencing a severe headache and blurred vision.

"Once we got to the hospital, the surgeon and neurologist team had reviewed the MRI scans and said they had found a large tumor on his pituitary gland, (a gland in the brain)," he wrote in a June 10 message posted to the fundraising page. "It was pressing on his brain and optic nerve and was it bleeding."

After going into an hours-long surgery, the tumor was removed, but Johnnie's health is still under observation.

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"We feel so lucky that the surgery was successful and that we didn't lose him," John wrote. "His pituitary gland is dead, no longer able to function, he will be on medication for the rest of his life and will need regular MRI scans to check to make sure another tumor doesn't grow. He is still in ICU and we are unsure how long he will there, we are hoping to get him out of there soon so that he can recover at home with us."

Amid his hospitalization, Johnnie's family is reflecting on his legacy.

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"As you all know my dad is a kind, amazing, talented man who loves his job as a freelance hairdresser and who works hard to support his family," John continued. "He is the main source of income for our family. He is not going to be able to work, we don't know how long for, how long it will take for him get back to full health."

Other celebs including Tracee Ellis Ross have shared messages of support for the fundraiser, with the black-ish star posting a heartfelt message on her Instagram Stories.

"@sapongjohnnie sending all the healing energy and love love love," she wrote alongside a June 12 post featuring the two, adding a link to the donation page. "Please support Johnnie and his family."

Loki star Sasha Lane also shared her experience working with Johnnie, writing on Twitter June 11, "Johnnie is the kindest hearted man I know and he has done my locs for years. His energy is unmatched. I'm thankful he's alive but the journey to recovery won't be easy."

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