Selling Sunset's Amanza Smith Hospitalized for Blood Infection

After Amanza Smith experienced excruciating pain in her back for over a month, the Selling Sunset star was admitted to a hospital for a blood infection that spread to the bones of her spine.

By Jess Cohen Jun 12, 2023 11:19 AMTags
Watch: Selling Sunset's Amanza Smith Is Hospitalized

Amanza Smith is finally getting answers after a painful health journey.

As the Selling Sunset star shared in a June 11 message to fans, she was admitted to Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles for an infection in her blood.

"Over a month ago and all of this started I thought that I had a bulging disk or a slipped disc or something wrong with my lower back that was regular," Amanza wrote on Instagram alongside footage of herself getting treatment. "I laid in pain in my house for several days. I cried. I took Tylenol. I went to urgent care."

After getting an MRI and CT scan, the 46-year-old was advised to go to the hospital.

"I came to Cedar Sinai last Friday thinking that I was going to get another scan on my back and then go home. Instead, I was admitted and they immediately started testing me for things in my blood," she continued. "Come to find out I had an infection in my blood that had caused, a great deal of infection to be spread to the bones of my spine and it's called osteomyelitis."

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Amanza started antibiotics in an attempt to treat her blood infection and diminish the infection in her spine, which, as she noted, was first believed to be a tumor. "Because on an MRI," she wrote, "that's what it looks like."


"Everyone was very scared, including myself," she added. "Here I am day 10 and I'm making this message a bit quickly because I'm about to go into surgery to have portions of the infection removed from my spine that weren't getting any better..."


Later that same day, the mom of two returned to social media to give an update on her procedure.

"The surgery went well," she said in an Instagram Story video. "I'm back in my room, I've already gotten changed back in my comfy pajamas and I'm on the mend guys. So thank you for all the well-wishes and prayers."

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