Emily Blunt Shares Insight into Family Life With Her and John Krasinski’s Daughters

When she’s not gracing the red carpet, Emily Blunt is coordinating drop-off duty. The Oppenheimer star gave a glimpse into life at home in Brooklyn with husband John Krasinski and their two daughters.

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Watch: Emily Blunt's Kids Keep Her and John Krasinski "Humble"

Between drives to school and extracurriculars, Emily Blunt's home is rarely a quiet place. 

The Mary Poppins actress recently got candid about her life in Brooklyn with husband John Krasinski and their two daughters, Hazel, 9, and Violet, 7. 

"I feel very at home here," she told Harpers Bazaar in an interview published June 7. "It's like a village within New York, with all the spontaneity combined with the reality of being in a big city."

The 40-year-old, who moved with her family to New York from Los Angeles in 2016, has spent much of her adult life working in the U.S. In fact, she even became an American citizen in 2015. As she joked to Harper's Bazaar,  she's been "seduced by America's great qualities."

"I have to be, right?" she continued. "My husband's American, my children are American... That's three of my favourite people in the world."

And while Hazel and Violet have grown up watching their parents on the big screen, Emily revealed that they are more invested in whether Emily and John are available for rides to after school activities than swanky premieres.

"When I see myself up on a billboard, I have this complete dissociation with it," she reflected. "And I can see my children doing the same – they might say, oh, there's Mama, but it's not exciting for them. What's exciting for them is when I can pick them up from school and take them swimming."

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And to maintain the sense of normalcy despite her and John's busy schedules, the Devil Wears Prada star said she has a personal policy not be away from the kids for more than two weeks.

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"Because even though they're hardy, and they're used to this strange life, it's still rough on them when I have to go away," she explained. "There are cornerstones of the girls' day that I don't want to compromise on – like, will you wake me up, take me to school, pick me up and put me to bed?"

She continued, "And I just want to be able to say, yes, yes, yes. It's such an exhale for me to be able to do that.

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And when it comes to watching their parents' movies, Hazel and Violet aren't necessarily adding to box office sales.

"They've seen Mary Poppins and Jungle Cruise," Emily told E! News in November 2022, "and they've seen some of The Office, which they liked a lot. They don't really want to watch us on screen. They've got that ownership of us as parents."

She joked, "They're not like running to see me in a movie, which keeps you humble."

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