Why Hailey Bieber Says Her Viral Glazed Donut Skin Will Never Go Out of Style

Hailey Bieber offered more details about her coveted glazed donut skin and why she believes it will continue to be trendy. As she put it, "Who doesn't want fresh, dewy, glowy skin?"

By Alyssa Morin Jun 08, 2023 5:12 PMTags
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There's a reason you can't stop feasting your eyes on Hailey Bieber's glowy skin.

The Rhode founder, whose deliciously plump complexion has been compared to that of a glazed donut, recently shared why her coveted signature look will stand the test of time.

"I want skin that looks like you want to take a bite out of it," she told Vogue in an interview published June 7. "That's just me, though! Who doesn't want fresh, dewy, glowy skin? Hydration never goes out of style."

The 26-year-old's approach to skincare isn't solely a personal practice either. It's often reflected in the products she releases for her beauty brand, like the newly launched Rhode Glazing Milk. See what she did there?

"What I really like about it," she explained of the essence, "is that I wanted something that was really lightweight, [and] kind of felt like this bath—or soak—for the skin."

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While curating a line of essentials has certainly helped Hailey nail her viral glazed donut look, she's no stranger to skincare struggles.

"I remember being a teenager and [having] too many actives on the skin," she recalled on the April 19 episode of Dear Media's Breaking Beauty podcast, noting she would cause herself irritation, redness and peeling, "thinking that is going to be the solution."

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She continued, "The way it's changed for me is my approach. I've found more of a balance in how I treat my skin for the various phases and stages it's going through."

As for what Hailey's routine entails? Well, she's a fan of the less is more method.

"In the mornings, I will cleanse if I've done exfoliating the night before," she explained. "Then, I love to use a hydrating toner or essence to get the skin ready to absorb the products, and I can't go without the Peptide Glazing Fluid. If I'm feeling a bit more dry, I'll also put the Barrier Restore Cream and then sunscreen on top."

And whether or not you want to follow in Hailey's footsteps, she offered style advice anyone can get behind.

"It doesn't take a lot to have a great outfit," she said, "and it doesn't take a lot to have great skincare."

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