Chrissy Teigen Believed She Had an Identical Twin After "Insane" DNA Test Mishap

Chrissy Teigen recently went on an emotional rollercoaster when a DNA test indicated she had a long-lost identical twin.

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Watch: Chrissy Teigen 'Spiraled' After DNA Test Showed She Had Identical Twin

Chrissy Teigen almost had her very own Parent Trap moment.

The Cravings author recounted a recent experience with a DNA test on social media, revealing that she was shocked when it indicated she had a long-lost identical twin. In a June 4 Instagram post simply captioned "DUDE," Chrissy recounted her decision to do a 23 & Me DNA test as part of a health and wellness journey she's been embarking on over the last few years.

And it turns out her results were more than a little confusing.

"The first thing that came up, before learning that I am part neanderthal," she said in front of an image of her family tree, "Was this."

Chrissy then moved to the side to reveal her results, pointing to the spot on the tree, and explaining, "I have an identical twin."

Noting that her first reaction was that it had to be a joke, she decided to investigate—and this included messaging the mystery "twin," who also had an account on the family heritage site.

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She also messaged the 23 & Me help team, but neither source yielded any answers.

"Honestly at this point I'm spiraling," she admitted of the increasingly confounding situation. "I call my dad and I literally say, 'Dad, hey, did you see me come out of mom's vagina and were there two of me?'"

She explained that he laughed and assured her that he was there for her birth and only witnessed her solo arrival. But the mom of three wasn't satisfied.

"So I call my sister, and I say 'hey, whats up," she laughs, "'do I have an identical twin?'" Her sister gasps in response, causing Chrissy to think, "Oh my god, I do. I have a twin."

At this point, Chrissy admitted that she began "making excuses for [her] whole life," thinking it explains why she's so codependent, and why she's "always felt something's missing." 

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However, the answer to this mystery twin was actually a whole lot closer to home.

As it turns out, Chrissy was at one point, going to do the show Finding Your Roots, in which host Henry Louis Gates Jr. reviews celebrities' DNA results with them, helping them trace bloodlines and analyze their genetics. 

To prep for the show, Chrissy and members of her immediate family had to submit DNA tests under aliases, so that no information would leak ahead of the air date. And though they never ended up filming Chrissy's episode, the test results were still out there. And she inadvertently stumbled into them.

The 37-year-old ended her video by flashing a drawing of a grave bearing the inscription "Sissy Teigen, Sister, Aunt & Friend, June 4, 2023 2:04 pm - June 4, 2023 3:05 pm," which she then later shared to her Instagram story, too. 

"My identical twin was myself," Chrissy added. "I was matching myself." 


And of course, Chrissy's comment section was flooded with others expressing their amusement with the whole situation. Husband John Legend wrote, "RIP Sissy Teigen" alongside prayer hand and heart emojis, and Taika Waititi commented laughing crying and clapping emojis.

But it was Katie Couric who appropriately summarized the roller coaster of a story, writing, "Good lord this should be a scripted TV show."

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