Summer House Cast Drops a Shocker About Danielle Olivera's Ex Robert Sieber

In E! News' exclusive Summer House reunion preview, Danielle Olivera is shocked to find out what co-stars Kyle Cooke and Carl Radke have to say about her ex-boyfriend Robert Sieber.

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Danielle Olivera's ex Robert Sieber might be out of her life for good, but that's not the case for her Summer House co-stars.

The Bravolebrity's castmembers drop a bombshell about their ongoing contact with her former boyfriend of two years in E! News' exclusive sneak peek at part two of the show's season seven reunion.

Prior to her breakup from Robert last November, Danielle had a dramatic falling out with her longtime BFFs Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard over their quick engagement, which played out during the most recent season. And after Carl and Lindsay suggested Danielle's relationship woes contributed to her resentment towards them, the Summer House stars are setting the record straight.

As co-star Kyle Cooke points out to Lindsay in the preview, "Both you and Carl, in your confessionals, said the reason she thinks we're moving too fast, the reason she's jealous of our relationship or whatever words you chose, was because of her relationship with Robert."

But, according to Danielle, that assertion "couldn't be farther from the truth."

However, Kyle explained that he wanted to confirm that for himself, prompting him to ask Danielle's ex.

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"I didn't see the red flags with her and Robert last summer. I genuinely was curious, so I called up Robert," Kyle continues. "I called up Robert and I'm like, 'Can I just ask a question?' And I asked, 'How were you and Danielle last summer?' He said, 'We were fine. We were going through the general speed bumps of any couple. But whatever was happening last summer between the three amigos had nothing to do with my relationship with Danielle.'"

And while Danielle was surprised to hear about Kyle and Robert's convo, another revelation from Carl shocked her even more. 

"He said a similar thing, I actually saw him recently," he shares, dumbfounding Danielle. "He reached out to me, he wanted to talk about the end of the summer, how it all fell out. He felt really bad. Obviously, I feel bad. It was just good to get on the same page. I care about Robert. I'm really sorry to hear it didn't work out."

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Although Carl claims he had sympathy for his ex-BFF's breakup, he added, "I did not reach out to Danielle after they broke up."

Her response? "But you were happy to have a conversation with my ex-boyfriend? Cool."

Summer House's season seven reunion concludes tonight, June 5, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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