10 People Making Noise in Summer 2023

Check out these artists and influencers who are keeping things lively.

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1. Jake Miller: Beyond accumulating streams in the hundreds of millions, selling out tours, attracting millions of followers on social media and earning critical acclaim, countless fan tattoos speak to the impact of Jake Miller. Fans proudly tattoo lyrics on their skin from "I'm Alright" and "A Million Lives," among others. The Florida-raised and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer has quietly emerged as a magnetic pop presence on his terms. Miller only strengthens this connection to his devout audience, dubbed The Millertary, with each subsequent release. He made waves with 2014's Dazed and Confused EP, boasting "Dazed and Confused."

On its heels, Rumors (2015) popped off as the title track "Rumors" gathered tens of millions of streams. He maintained this momentum with projects such as Overnight EP (2016), 2:00 am in LA (2017) and Silver Lining (2018). Silver Lining II (2021) marked yet another high watermark. In support of Silver Lining II, he launched the "Hi, I missed you" Tour, packing houses across North America. In 2022, Jake released "Based On a True Story II' and "Songs for My Fiancée" and embarked on the "8 Tattoos Tour."

Jake will embark on his 2023 Asia +U.S. "Note to Self-Tour" in July. Tickets and VIPs are on sale at www.jakemiller.com. As a newly independent artist, Jake plans to release new music every month starting May 19, with his first single "Green."

2. Estrella Nouri: Estrella Nouri is the first Iranian International Guess model with global campaigns all over the world. Her achievements include:

▪       Gracing multiple magazine covers.

▪       Starring in Marciano by Guess campaigns.

▪       Appearing in global Guess and Marciano by Guess billboards.

▪       Walking in her seventh Guess fashion show on May 10 in Los Angeles.

▪       Shooting another campaign with makeup artist Scott Barnes for his Scott Barnes Cosmetics Voyager Collection campaign.

▪       Appearing in campaigns for Treo Water, L.A Gear, and Bellami Hair.

But Estrella is not your typical supermodel. You can catch her at the Laugh Factory or on tour when she is not modeling, making audiences laugh with her witty stand-up comedy routine. Or on the hit comedy show 2 Broke Girls and the TV drama Shadow Wolves. You can also watch her stellar performance on six episodes of the Emmy-nominated TV show Queen Sugar.

Estrella is also known for her Middle Eastern No. 1 charted hit single, "Farari Estrella," which has over 2.8 million YouTube views. And yet she still makes time to advocate for the clean water revolution by helping bring awareness to OriginClear's Water On Demand platform. Estrella Nouri is a powerful force that breaks barriers and opens doors for Middle Eastern women in the industry.

3. Esmeralda Baez: Esmeralda Baez is a Latina best-selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and music executive. She is the founder of Elite Vision Media, a P.R. firm based in NYC specializing in music and entertainment, where she represents a variety of talents, including musicians, athletes, models, influencers and leaders. She is also the creator of the Women's Trailblazer annual networking conference, an event hosted during Women's History Month to help celebrate, empower & support women in business.

Esmeralda is currently the Director of Latin Affairs for the Pacific Rim Business Council, a Source Latino project manager, a Recording Academy member,  and member of Forbes Community and UNICEF's Guardian Circle.

4. Tayvon Jackson: Tayvon Jackson is a financial advisor for New Perspective Financial Solutions and has been licensed since 2012. He focuses on helping retirees navigate the next stage of their life: retirement. Having an income plan and tax plan in retirement has helped Tayvon help countless individuals in the financial planning process. Tayvon provides educational seminars on income planning, Social Security and Medicare in the community and strongly advocates financial literacy.

A former Division 1 basketball player and triple major from Mount St. Mary's University in math, business and information systems, Tayvon is a chartered retirement plan counselor (CRPC), accredited asset management specialist (AAMS), and writer for Forbes Council. Tayvon is the author of four investment books: 40 Acres and Some Dividends; Poor Dad No Dad; Love and Finance; and The Adventures of Investment Man. You can watch Tayvon on CBS Great Day Washington every day.

5. Imran Shah: New Jersey-based Imran Shah is the founder and CEO of Shah Enterprises, which currently holds a $185 million portfolio. Shah Enterprises owns Aaliyah Farm truck stops,  Air Shah Jets private fleet and international real estate valued at over $250 million.

Shah Enterprises is also involved in a lot of philanthropy and charity work, often giving back to the community, shelters and non-profit organizations near where Shah grew up. Currently, Imran Shah's net worth is over $250 million.

6. DJ Ria: Born and raised in New York City, Maria Clifton—known as DJ RIA—is truly a force to be reckoned with. Ria isn't just a DJ, she is a triple threat: D.J., emcee and model! After several years of playing professional sports in the states and overseas, she established herself in a handful of professions, including modeling and acting, leading to DJing.

As of 2020, she's gotten signed as a contracted host and D.J. for the New York Liberty, the New York Islanders and the New York Giants. She's also been able to co-host on SiriusXM's Shade 45 for the past six years. She added emcee to her résumé and has hosted events at All-Star Weekends for the MLB, NBA and WNBA), for Formula 1, for the Super Bowl and has been an ESPN correspondent.

Although she enjoys the nightlife gigs, Clifton claims her transition to the production portion of the industry allowed her to "find her niche" and play her own personal vibe of music to connect with her clientele. Her favorite gigs usually consist of corporate events and weddings, where she can "curate a vibe." Her current freedom as an artist and sharing her talents with people who enjoy them are the main reasons she so flawlessly thrives in her career.

You can catch DJ RIA at the top hot spots in NYC, spinning at TAO, PHD, Pergola, Jimmy Rooftop, the Freehand Hotel and many more.

7. Nerwan & Razan Khalife: Talk about a family affair, the Khalife sisters are who you want to be keeping up with! Nerwan and Razan Khalife are the powerhouses behind Cakes by Nerwan, a family- and woman-owned designer custom cake bakery based in Astoria, N.Y. Ever since they could remember, their mother, Aida, was always the go-to person for family cakes, which stirred Nerwan's passion for pursuing a career as a pastry chef. After graduating from The French Culinary Institute in Soho, Cakes by Nerwan had its humble beginnings operating out of Mama Aida's kitchen.

While working for a global marketing giant, Razan would always plug her sister into events, allowing Nerwan to make cakes for big-name celebrities to political figures. As word of mouth quickly spread, the business found its new home in Astoria. It takes a village to make Cakes by Nerwan run as smoothly as it does. Mama Aida is the heart and lifeline of the bakery, Razan handles the business aspect, while Nerwan is the cake wizard behind all the beautiful designs. Their sister Samari, a surgical physician associate at NYP/Weill Cornell Medical Center, also pitches in and helps out when she's not in the operating room. Nerwan has been featured on Food Network's Halloween Baking Championship season six and took the brand to Japan to participate in Hankyu's New York Fair.

8. Emma Eskander: Meet Emma Eskander, the face of Gilded Ritual. In the vibrant TriBeCa neighborhood of New York City, Gilded Ritual shines as a sanctuary of luxury and elegance in spas. Established in November 2021, this serene retreat has rapidly become a destination for those seeking high-end beauty treatments and essential services. Their growing fame is evident.

They offer a holistic luxury approach to nail treatments, specializing in Russian manicures, waxing and facial services within a calming environment. The spa boasts fully private rooms, state-of-the-art air filtration and exhaust systems, hospital-grade sanitation and individualized care.


9. Lesley Greenspan: Lesley Greenspan is a talented fashion designer, artist and multi-skilled entrepreneur from Westchester, N.Y. Lesley has hustled for years growing businesses from the ground up. Lesley is transparent about her story and has to start over after divorce, trauma and auto-immune diseases. After turning her pain into power, she now believes there is no bad experience and continues to shed love and light to empower other women to become the best version of themselves. Lesley has been in the food, health, fitness and fashion industries for years. She currently owns and runs a children's clothing line with her mom, called Keen to Be Seen, on the side hustles as a CPT; she is launching a new athletic line with her bestie, Come to Fall; writing a book; and she still manages to find time for family and friends.

Her latest venture began three years ago with her mother as a result of the pandemic. Lesley and her mom, Ellyn, started making and donating hundreds of thousands of clear masks to different foundations. It was Keen to Be Seen during that scary time, so reading someone's lips and seeing their expression was the golden ticket to some normalcy. KTBS slowly transitioned into a children's clothing company and is being shipped worldwide, mimicking the "Be Seen Mask" into the "POCKET IT" denim jacket with endless pocket abilities! There is no stopping Lesley's mission to get children out of cell screens and start to create, wear and share!

10. Michellia Sergeev: Michellia Sergeev, a born and raised South Brooklyn native, is an exceptional individual who makes a positive impact on the lives of others. With a master's degree in speech-language pathology, she specializes in working with children facing autism and intellectual disorders. Beyond her professional expertise, Michellia has founded a teen social circle where she teaches self-love, mindfulness and acceptance. Her passion for helping others led her to create NutriBotl, a revolutionary product combining a seven-day pill organizer with a water bottle, simplifying medication management for individuals worldwide.

Michellia Sergeev's drive extends beyond health and wellness. Growing up near Coney Island, she witnessed the environmental damage caused by pollution, sparking her commitment to ocean conservation. Determined to make a difference, Michellia plans to contribute to cleaning up the oceans through proceeds from the NutriBotl and her upcoming children's book. As a soon-to-be children's book author, she aims to educate young minds about environmental preservation, gratitude and self-love. Her desire to protect our natural resources and foster a love for nature is an inspiring example for future generations.

With a relentless pursuit of personal growth and a passion for being a positive role model, Michellia Sergeev's impact goes beyond her immediate sphere. Through her diverse pursuits in speech therapy, entrepreneurship, environmental activism and children's literature, she demonstrates the power of individual action. Michellia's empathy, innovation and unwavering determination inspire others to make a difference in their communities. Her commitment to helping others, her dedication to environmental stewardship, and her creative endeavors make Michellia Sergeev a true beacon of compassion, empathy and positive change.

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