MrBeast's Chris Tyson Shares Selfie Celebrating Pride Month After Starting Hormone Replacement Therapy

YouTuber Chris Tyson shared a new photo in honor of Pride Month, their first since undergoing a major life change.

By Corinne Heller Jun 01, 2023 8:03 PMTags
Watch: MrBeast YouTuber Chris Tyson Undergoes Hormone Replacement Therapy

This Pride Month is very special for Chris Tyson.

It's the first one that the MrBeast YouTube channel star is celebrating since beginning hormone replacement therapy (HRT) more than three months ago.

"Happy Pride Month!!!" they wrote on Twitter June 1, alongside a new photo of themselves smiling. "(Since it's June you are legally required to like this selfie)."

Back in April, Chris tweeted that they have been undergoing HRT for two months. "Informed consent HRT saved my and many others' lives," the 26-year-old wrote in the post. "The hurdles [gender non-conforming] people have to jump through to get life-saving gender-affirming healthcare in a 1st world country is wild to me. Just let people make informed decisions about their own bodies."

A day later, Chris wrote that their physical appearance "has already started to change." They added, "The amount of body positivity I've gotten in just 2 months is insane."

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Chris also shared a selfie with their son Tucker, 2. "If I didn't have this little nugget I'd never have gotten this far," the YouTuber wrote. "He's taught me so much about myself in such a short time. I can't wait to learn through life together."

Chris added, "I know I'm going to be a great parent, and so is every other person who puts the love of their child before everything. I made this decision because I wanted to show up as my best and happiest self for him. In a way, this way FOR Tucker."

Twitter / Chris Tyson

Last month, Chris shared photos of themselves from before and after they began HRT, tweeting, "Me when [The Legend of Zelda] Breath of the Wild came out VS. me when Tears of the Kingdom came out."

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