Why Ayesha Curry Regrets Letting Her and Steph's Daughter Riley Be in the Public Eye

Ayesha Curry opened up about why she regrets introducing her and husband Stephen Curry’s daughter to the public spotlight at an early age.

By Brittany Vincent May 30, 2023 9:26 PMTags
Watch: Ayesha Curry Regrets Exposing Daughter Riley to the Public

Ayesha Curry is realizing that putting daughter Riley on social media at an early age might not have been a slam dunk idea. 

"When the social media thing started, nobody knew what that was going to become," the Ayesha's Home Kitchen host—who shares the 10-year-old with husband Stephen Curry—said in a May 24 interview with Insider. "If we had known back in the day just how chaotic it would make life, I don't think we would've done it."

She continued, "But we were just genuinely living our lives back then. And we thought, 'This is our kid. We're bringing our kid along.'"

At 34, Ayesha—who also mom to daughter Ryan, 7, and son Canon, 4, with the NBA star—is now more aware than ever of the implications of online exposure, emphasizing the need to shield their children from the potential pitfalls of social media.

With this in mind, none of the Curry children have social media accounts or cell phones, though Ayesha and Steph are trying to find the right balance as their kids grow older.

"Where's the middle ground, where we're strict, but we're also allowing our kids to experience life?" she explained. "We're trying to figure out what that balance is. Just kind of learn as you go, right?"

Stephen and Ayesha Curry's Winning Family

Riley was just 2 years old when she first captured hearts during one of her dad's post-game interviews. In May 2015, she went viral for singing a line from Drake and Big Sean‘s "Blessings" at a press conference.

Last July, Steph shared a throwback of Riley singing the song as part of her birthday tribute on Instagram.

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

"10 years watching you blossom has been the best of the best!" he wrote in the caption. "stop growing up so fast please...We love you."

The basketball player added, "Wayyyyy up, she feels blessed!"

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