Elizabeth Holmes Begins 11-Year Prison Sentence in Theranos Fraud Case

Six months after Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to 11.25 years in prison, the former Theranos CEO has reported to prison in Texas.

By Jess Cohen May 30, 2023 5:50 PMTags
Watch: Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Begins Prison Sentence

Elizabeth Holmes is officially facing the music for her crimes.

The former Theranos CEO reported to prison on May 30, six months after being sentenced to 11.25 years behind bars and three years of supervised release for her role in the fraud case involving her blood testing company.

According to the Associated Press, citing the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Holmes is currently in custody at a women's prison camp in Bryan, Texas.

Holmes, 39, was previously found guilty of one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and three counts of wire fraud in Jan. 2022 for allegedly deceiving Theranos investors.

"The guilty verdicts in this case reflect Ms. Holmes' culpability in this large scale investor fraud and she must now face sentencing for her crimes," U.S. Attorney Stephanie Hinds in a 2022 statement after the months-long trial. "I thank the jurors for their thoughtful and determined service that ensured verdicts could be reached."

(At the time, Holmes was also found not guilty of the second count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and the jury reached no verdict on three more counts of wire fraud.)

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While Theranos—founded in 2003 by the Stanford University dropout—was initially touted for its alleged finger prick blood testing method, it made headlines in 2015 after The Wall Street journal reported that the company's devices didn't perform as expected.

Not to mention, per the U.S. Attorney's Office, Holmes was accused of making "numerous misrepresentations" about her company.

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Over time, Theranos' fallout have become the subject of books, documentaries and even the 2022 TV series, The Dropout, starring Amanda Seyfried as Holmes.

"I was told [Holmes] wasn't gonna watch it," Seyfried told Marie Claire in May 2022, "that it was bad news, and that she didn't want any part of it. I don't know if it's totally true. Who knows? I'm a little skeptical of any information that comes my way."

A few weeks before reporting prison to prison, Holmes—who gave birth to her and partner Billy Evans' second child in February—reflected on her bumpy history.

"I made so many mistakes and there was so much I didn't know and understand," she told the New York Times in a piece published May 12, "and I feel like when you do it wrong, it's like you really internalize it in a deep way."

As for how she was preparing for her prison sentence, Holmes noted she was spending time with her family. "How would you spend your time if you didn't know how much time you had left?" she said. "It would be the kind of things we're doing now because they're perfect. Just being together."

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