Ashlee Simpson Shares the Secret to Her and Evan Ross' Decade-Long Romance

Married since 2014, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross are celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary next year. And Ashlee is exclusively sharing with E! News how they've made it work.

By Tierney Bricker May 28, 2023 7:00 PMTags
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After almost a decade of marriage, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross are still all about the L.O.V.E.

Married since 2014, the couple—who are parents to Jaggar Snow Ross, 7, Ziggy Blu Ross, 2, and Bronx Wentz, 14—who the "Pieces of Me" singer shares with Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz—may renew their vows with their kids for their tenth wedding anniversary next summer. But that doesn't mean Ashlee and Evan aren't going to make their make their upcoming ninth-year of marriage just as special.

"I will just celebrate our love," Ashlee told E! News in an exclusive interview at the WealthFlix Entrepreneur Summit in Hollywood. As for the secret to their long-lasting union, the 38-year-old shared, "Marriage takes work and understanding each other and it's so important to stay on point and grow with one another."

It also helps to share the same aesthetic when it comes to home decor. Ashlee serves as the creative director for Kempa Home, a line of furniture and accessories, and described her style as "very eclectic," with Evan sharing her design taste.

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"I'm very lucky" Ashlee explained. "Every season, you feel like, 'Oh, I want to add this or I want to paint this wall,' and we're on the same page."



Along with Evan, Ashlee added that she and sister Jessica Simpson and mom Tina Ann Drew also have matching home decor tastes—"Our Pinterest boards are all very exciting that we can share together!"—though that wasn't always the case. 

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"My mom has always loved decorating a house, except for when I was younger," Ashlee recalled. "I wanted my room to be black and she gave me Ralph Lauren daisies!"

While "everything is black now," the way teenage Ashlee wanted, there is one piece of decor that she purchased for her first apartment she's left behind. 

"I think I bought a hookah because I was 18!" Ashlee shared with a laugh. "I was so excited I could buy a hookah! But that must be somewhere in my storage because I haven't had that in quite some time."

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Along with reflecting on her personal style, Ashlee looked back on her journey as a businesswoman since beginning her career at 14 years old at the inaugural conference for Wealthflix, a subscription-based website that empowers young entrepreneurs by providing exclusive access to celebrity interviews, podcasting, and networking opportunities.

 "I've learned through so many things in my life," she said, "but if there was something I could look back and wish I would have known it's listening to others, but truly trusting your vision."

And Ashlee is hoping to share that lesson with the next generation, including her son Bronx, who is entering high school in the fall. 

"So we have all the questions around us of ,'What are you inspired by? What do you want to be?'" Ashlee explained. "This is such a beautiful place for everyone to really come and learn how to build a business. Being a mom of three, I find it so important."

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