Today’s Dylan Dreyer Shares Son Calvin’s Celiac Disease Diagnosis Amid “Constant Pain”

Today meteorologist Dylan Dreyer said that her 6-year-old son Calvin was diagnosed with celiac disease after a year of experiencing stomach pain.

By Angie Orellana Hernandez May 25, 2023 3:05 AMTags
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Dylan Dreyer is sharing an important health update related to her son.

The Today meteorologist said that her 6-year-old son Calvin—who she shares with husband Brian Fichera—had been diagnosed with celiac disease.

"The bloodwork came back with the results of him having celiac disease," she told Today in an interview published May 24. "I knew nothing about celiac disease. I knew a friend of a friend had it, and she couldn't eat bread. That's basically the knowledge I had."

The diagnosis came after Calvin had suffered stomach pain, earaches, rashes and hair loss for about a year. His stomach pain reached a point where he was "hunched over in pain," which led his family to rush him to the hospital in fear of an appendix burst. It was that hospital visit that prompted the family and doctors to conduct further research into his condition.

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"He had to go and get an endoscopy," Dylan recalled. "They needed to send the camera down into his intestines to make sure there was damage caused by celiac disease."

Celiac disease occurs when the immune system attacks gluten in the small intestine, resulting in the small intestine to function irregularly, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Now, Calvin is recovering well after receiving answers to his health issues.


"He was just in constant pain," Dylan added. "He finally feels good...[for] the first time in a year. He's happy we discovered this because it's like, ‘OK, good. I can finally feel like myself.'"

And though he's had to switch to a new gluten-free diet, which also resulted in Dylan buying new kitchen products, Calvin is still enjoying a variety of food.

"It's been a journey but we're figuring it all out," Dylan wrote on Instagram May 24. "It's like nothing to Calvin at this point…he feels better and I'm making sure he's eating delicious food. That's all I can ask for!"

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