Jennifer Lopez’s Contour Trick Is Perfect for Makeup Newbies

Jennifer Lopez revealed the secret to her iconic glow by recording a step-by-step tutorial of how she contours with skincare products.

By Alyssa Morin May 19, 2023 9:01 PMTags
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Jennifer Lopez's skincare trick will leave your jaw on the floor.

The JLO Beauty founder recently showcased her unique contouring hack, in which she only used skincare products (from her own line, of course) to achieve her iconic glow. In the video tutorial, posted to Instagram on May 18, The Mother actress first prepped her skin with a few pumps of That JLo Glow Serum. Next, she applied a few dots of That Blockbuster Hydrating Cream to the high points of her cheekbones, jawline and forehead. She then dabbed That Fresh Take Eye Cream around her eyes and brows.

Now, this is where the contour and highlight technique comes into play. Because instead of blending in the creams, she used them as an outline to place the bronzer—That Star Filter Complexion Booster in Rich Bronze—on the hollows of her cheeks, her hairline and the center of her chin. Afterward, she dotted the Complexion Booster in Rose Gold down the bridge of her nose, on her brow bone and Cupid's bow.

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Once all of her products were in the right place, the "Let's Get Loud" singer carefully blended everything in with her fingers. And after gliding her fingers along the bridge of her nose as a final touch-up, the result was a fresh, dewy look that even makeup newbies can achieve.


But when it comes to using actual makeup products to contour, J.Lo revealed her technique in a December 2022 Vogue tutorial.

"Before, I used to go right in the cheekbone," she explained, using a Bobbi Brown contour palette. "But now, I realize that if I do it a little above, it lifts the face a little more."

J.Lo then used the same palette to enhance her pout, noting, "This is not supposed to be lip liner. This goes around the mouth, and if you blend it, it causes just a tiny bit of a shadow that makes your lips look poutier."

Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Netflix

And while the Hustlers actress knows how transformative her tricks of the trade can be, she also reminded her fans that beauty comes from within.

"You can put on all the makeup in the world," she shared at the time, "[but] if you're unhappy, you're skin's not healthy, you're just going to look like you have a bunch of makeup on top of something that you can't cover up."

She added, "How you feel on the inside, how you take care of yourself, people see that."

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