Rachel Bilson "Baffled" After Losing a Job Over Her Comments About Sex

Rachel Bilson recently revealed she lost a job after sharing her honest thoughts on sex: "A job got taken away from me because I was speaking candidly and openly about sex in a humorous way."

By Kisha Forde May 18, 2023 1:37 PMTags
Watch: Rachel Bilson Says She LOST a Job Over Sex Comments

Rachel Bilson is standing up for herself after a professional setback.

Nearly two weeks after the O.C. alum shared her candid takes on the topic of sex, Rachel revealed that she lost a job in the wake of her commentary.

"It's been an interesting week guys," she said during the May 15 episode of her Broad Ideas podcast. "This is the first time it's ever happened to me in my professional life that I lost a job this week because of things that were said."

She continued, "A job got taken away from me because I was speaking candidly and openly about sex in a humorous way on our friend's podcast. I basically got a job, that I already had, pulled from me because I was speaking openly about sex."

The Hart of Dixie alum—who shares 8-year-old daughter Briar with ex Hayden Christensen—went on to note that she's simply "baffled" by the move: "A single mom, a woman, lost a job because they were being candid and honest and the subject was sex."

Rachel Bilson's Pasadena Mansion

During her appearance on the May 3 episode of the Women On Top podcast, Rachel quipped about her favorite and least favorite sex positions, saying in part that she likes to be "manhandled." It was a comment that the actress, 41, says was meant to be lighthearted.

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Setting the record straight on Broad Ideas, Rachel noted, "First of all, I said it in a joking manner in the interview, like, 'Yeah, I wanna get f--king get manhandled.' Basically, it's like, okay give control or take control in the bedroom, whatever." 

But as she explained, she's still reeling from the effect her quip had on her latest professional endeavor.

"I've been floored honestly," she noted, "Everything was set in motion and I lost the job. It sucks."

However, as the Take Two star shared, though her delivery could've been different, the sentiment still remains the same.

"I haven't said anything inappropriate," Rachel continued. "Choice of language, if I could go back, now knowing I lost a job, maybe I would say it differently. But I still wouldn't not say it."

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