Keltie Knight's Newly Re-Done Bathroom Will Inspire Your Home Renovations

Keltie Knight shared a glimpse inside her spa-like bathroom, which features an eye-catching marble wall, fabulous vanity set-up and chic storage space to hide all of her beauty products.

By Alyssa Morin May 15, 2023 6:28 PMTags
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You're invited to be part of this lady gang's at-home spa.

With a schedule as busy as E! News' chief correspondent Keltie Knight's, it's no surprise she transformed her bathroom into an oasis. The LADYGANG podcast host's space offers a calming ambiance with light Beachwood cabinetry, an Earthy-tone marble wall, modern appliances and floral décor. Plus, she also included glamorous touches. 

Keltie's vanity set-up not only adds extra oomph to her bathroom, but it's the perfect area to get camera-ready

"I spend a lot of time getting glam done at my house," she explained, "so it was my dream to have my own 'glam room' like all the Real Housewives have."

The dream-like experience doesn't stop there.

"We placed upright lighting on a dimmer behind the tub, so it really becomes a mini-spa at night when I soak," the 41-year-old shared. "Throughout the space, we used Delta taps and finishes in a chic matte black. I feel very fancy when I step in my shower and have three different showerheads!"

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For this project, Keltie, who often highlights her home renovation on her Instagram, decided to call in a few experts.

"My dad stayed with me from Canada and demo'd the entire space himself," the Superfan host said. "I enlisted the help of Cory McCrummen Design to help me design and project manage everything and it was beyond worth it."

Claire Leahy/Modern Twig

Want proof? Keep scrolling to see Keltie's finished bathroom. It just might inspire your next DIY home project. 


It took Keltie and her husband six months to find their eye-catching marble wall to cover the walk-in rain shower and sit behind the bathtub. "We just kept coming back to this beautiful Patagonia stone," she said. "It's weird, but I love that it really looks like Earth and it's very calming and grounding in the space."

Risk With Rewards

The E! News chief correspondent said she decided to be bold with the flooring by choosing a black cement tile, noting, "In addition to it being really different and chic, it's really nice for hiding dirt and I think the Beachwood of the cabinets really looks cool next to the floors."

Bougie Bathroom, But on a Budget

Instead of gutting everything, Keltie revealed she utilized the existing materials and appliances that she could.

"We tried to reuse everything we could in the space, like the bathtub," she explained. "And instead of doing custom cabinets, Cory suggested a company called Modern Twig. It's genius, you build the base of the cabinets you want, and then Modern Twig designs and installs custom fronts for you."

Glam Time

Keltie made sure she had a fab area to get red carpet ready.

"We set aside this little desk area, and gave it lighting, lots of little drawers and tons of counter space for when my glam team sets up," she shared. "Additionally, we put power outlets inside the cabinets so that all my beauty tech, like light masks and wands, could be put away but charged at the same time."

Mirror Mirror

Fun fact: Keltie found her bathroom mirrors at Urban Outfitters. 

"The white tile is a single standard tile that we placed vertically to make it seem more interesting," she added, "and of course, those Ikea cabinets with Modern Twig fronts."

Chic Storage Space

Keltie revealed storage was important to her, as she's a "beauty product hoarder."

"I knew with my busy life I would only stay organized if I had a foolproof system for where everything went," she admitted. "Cory found us the tiny little knobs and I was hesitant at first because they seemed so simple, but I actually think they finish the space so nicely."

At-Home Spa

After a long day of being in front of the camera, Keltie can step into her safe haven.