18 Grossly Satisfying Beauty Products With Instant Results

You will be amazed by the effects of these foot peels, pore strips, blotting sheets, and exfoliating mitts.

By Marenah Dobin May 13, 2023 10:00 AMTags
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Sometimes beauty products take multiple uses, if not weeks, until I can really see the results. In contrast, there is just something so incredibly satisfying about peeling off a pore strip and looking at all the gunk and dead skin. Those instant gratification skincare products are everything, right?

Bioré Pore Strips are such a classic product and this set that focuses on the T-zone delivers next-level results. If your tongue is white, you need to add this scraper to your routine. It's kind of disgusting to see how much you can scrape off your tongue, but once you start using this, it's tough to stop. Every couple of months I use this peel, which gets rid of dry, dead skin and makes my feet incredibly soft.

If you want results you can see in an instant, here are some shopping editor-approved products that you need to check out.

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Skincare Products With Fast Results

Freeman Renewing Cucumber Peel-Off Gel Facial Mask

No one wants rough, dry skin. This peel-off mask rejuvenates and hydrates my skin. Plus, it's so fun to use. I leave it on for a few minutes, and then peel it off to reveal soft, radiant skin.

It has 9,300+ 5-star Amazon reviews, with one shopper sharing, "Absolutely love this mask! It feels so nice and refreshing when you put it on and then slowly dries and feels right on your face. Peeling it off is so satisfying!! My skin looked nice after. Cleansed and refreshed."

Youkool Lip Scrub Brush

The best lip balm on the planet isn't going to help your cracked, peeling lips. Yes, it's a start, but you don't want to put lip balm or a lip mask over peeling or dry skin. It's important to exfoliate your lips on a regular basis. That's the winning combination in my experience. These tools are super easy to use and they make my lips so smooth. Plus, my lipstick lasts longer and looks more even when I use this tool beforehand.

Pro tip: use this brush with an exfoliating lip scrub to get even better results.

These sets have 6,400+ 5-star Amazon reviews. A shopper said, "A great little tool to have in your beauty chest. It feels great using it and my lips feel amazing afterward. When I put on lip oils after I exfoliate them, they actually feel very hydrating. I love it!"

Seraphic Skincare Premium Exfoliating Mitt

Do you want soft, clear skin? Of course, you do. Perhaps, you want to prepare your skin for laser hair removal or waxing. Maybe you're in a struggle to remove self-tanner. If any of those scenarios are familiar to you, there's one answer: exfoliation. Sure, you may think you're exfoliating with a loofah or a scrub, but you can do so much better. Trust me on that.

In my personal experience, exfoliating mitts have been a total game-changer. Watching the dead skin fall off is a gross, yet satisfying experience. My skin feels so smooth after I shower, my lotions absorb quicker, and my self-tanner goes on much more evenly. The Seraphic Skincare Exfoliating Mitt is the best one I've found and it's available for just $7. I'm not the only one who loves this one. It has 21,300+ 5-star Amazon reviews from shoppers who are just as obsessed.

Baby Foot Original Exfoliating Foot Peel

The Baby Foot Original Exfoliant Foot Peel is basically a pedicure in a box. This product has 32,300+ 5-star Amazon reviews. Each treatment comes with two plastic booties filled with exfoliating solution that works like a chemical peel, removing dry, dead skin and moisturizing your feet as it goes. After a couple days, your feet start to shed... and then like magic, you'll have feet that are ready for sandal season. If you want to accelerate the process, soak your feet for 15 minutes every day.

One Ulta shopper admitted that they "couldn't believe how well it worked," elaborating, "I have been struggling for the last couple years with really rough, calloused feet and this peel really helped! My feet are so much softer, and there's no more cracking around the heel or the ball of my foot." Another customer shared, "Love it! I use BabyFoot about every 4 months. Removes dead skin and it keeps my feet looking smooth."

PleasingCare Natural Bamboo Charcoal Oil Absorbing Blotting Paper- 100 Sheets

Combat sweat and oil with these best-selling blotting sheets. They rapidly absorb excess oils and help control shine without any messy powder. I'm not gonna lie, it's disgusting how much oil these sheets pick up sometimes, but I love using them. They're a major game-changer. More than 11,900+ Amazon customers gave these a 5-star review. 

A shopper shared, "These little oil blotting tissues are amazing. It's sort of gross the amount of oil that comes off onto these things. These are now a staple item in my makeup/touch-up bag. Even when my face just looks a little shiny I use one of these and it's pretty much saturated with oil. Great product!!"

EcoTools Professional Makeup Cleaner for Makeup Brushes

You may think that your makeup brushes are clean, but you will be amazed by the dirt and makeup and that comes off when you use this cleansing shampoo. This product is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and it has 39,600+ 5-star Amazon reviews. Once you start using this brush soap, you will never stop buying it.

A shopper said, "It's so satisfying and I have been able to clean them multiple times now with no residue and with very little product. I'd recommend this for sure!"

The Original MakeUp Eraser Makeup Remover Cloth

It's essential to remove your makeup before bed, but it can be tough, especially since I spend so much money on long-lasting makeup. Thankfully, these makeup removing towels are miraculous, in my opinion. They are just amazing. You're supposed to use them on their own without any soap and the makeup will come off with ease. I love these so much. You need to wash and dry them before using them for the first time. As soon as you do that, you will be amazed by the results like I am. These are highly effective for removing makeup, even waterproof mascara.

This product has 21,200+ 5-star Amazon reviews and 102K+ Sephora Loves.

Boao 2 Pieces Hair Brush Cleaning Tool

I use this set to clean out my hairbrushes. My first line of defense is the plastic side of the double-ended cleaning brush. This makes it easy to take out the bigger pieces of product build-up and thick hair while my brush is dryer. Next, I will use the side with the nylon bristles, going across vertically and horizontally. Then, I go in with the mini scraper to get those stubborn thin pieces of hair.

This set comes in black, pink, and purple It has 2,100+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Nicwell Water Dental Flosser

You may think you're getting a deep clean with your toothbrush and floss. Take things to the next level when you add this water flosser to your routine. It is just what you need to effectively clean your teeth and massage the gums. You will marvel at all of the gunk this thing removes and it will become a staple in your routine. This product has 20,000+ 5-star Amazon reviews. 

A shopper said, "You're more gross than you think. My mouth has never felt more clean than when I started using this. I already flossed multiple times a day prior to buying this, but there's still more lingering that you can't get to."

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer

I hate working out, but when I do it, I want to make the most of my time. When I use the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer, I sweat so much more than normal. I know that sounds disgusting, but this product seems to be making a major difference. It has 148,500+ 5-star Amazon reviews and it comes in several colors and sizes.

A shopper raved, "It works! The band is wide and stays secure. Usually with these bands my fat squishes out of the top & bottom of the band, and this one doesn't. Today, I did a moderate work out & sat in the sauna for 15 min, when I took the bank off sooooo much sweat came out (gross but satisfying)."

Aimeili Liquid Latex Peel off Tape Cuticle Guard Polish Barrier

If you're not the best at painting your own nails, you may need this in your routine. Paint around your nail with this latex. Then, use your polish. Instead of excess getting on your skin, it will get on the latex, which you just peel off when you're done.

The Aimeili Liquid Latex Peel off Tape Cuticle Guard Polish Barrier has 4,700+ 5-star Amazon reviews, with one shopper sharing, "Have never tried this type of product before, goes on thin and does aits job well, very satisfying to peel off, for this price it should be a staple. Worked great on my toes comes off completely easily in one peel."

Freeshow Newest Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum,

Get the gunk out of your pores with this gadget that sucks out the dirt and excess oils, according to the brand. This device has several levels of suction. Start out with the beginner's level and then gradually work your way up as you get used to it.

It has 7,900+ 5-star Amazon reviews, with one shopper sharing, "Decided to change my skincare routine and wasnt in a position to get a facial to start with fresh skin, so I ordered this gadget. This is awesome! I did a quick wash and used the largest adapter and the amount of gunk it pulled was gross but it did such a great job. I am excited to continue using this and provide and update on how my skin is looking."

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

This is a fun face mask to use. Apply it like you normally would. In minutes, it will bubble up. Then, remove the foam, which is formulated with charcoal that absorbs dirt from the pores, the brand claims.

The Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask has 11,800+ 5-star Amazon reviews, with one shopper sharing, "This is the strangest thing I have ever purchased.....that is oddly satisfying. It's like a bath bomb for your face. I have super sensitive skin (especially on my face) so I was a little hesitant to buy this. I can report I did not have any skin reactions to this face wash and my skin actually looked noticeably better after using."

GuruNanda Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper (Pack of 2)

After you brush your teeth and floss you should scrape your tongue. You will be so grossed out by everything that comes off. No more white-covered tongue. You'll enjoy using this. It's also easy to clean since it's dishwasher-safe. 

This tongue scraper has 3,200+ 5-star Amazon reviews, with one shopper sharing, "I was pleasantly grossed out by how well these work. I am getting a few for some people I know."

Mighty Patch Original from Hero Cosmetics- Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patch for Covering Zits and Blemishes (36 Count)

We all need these pimple patches on hand. They are my go-to for skincare "emergencies." I stick these on overnight or during a work-from-home day of audio-only calls. After 6-8 hours, take the patch off to see all of the gunk that was absorbed. These are amazing because they clear out those pimples without drying out my skin and causing further irritation. 

These patches have 90,100+ 5-star Amazon reviews, with a fan of the product sharing, "I use these everytime I have a white head that's really noticeable. You have to put it on at the right time right when the white head is breaking the surface, but it's so satisfying when you put it on at night and see all the oil and gross stuff sucked up into the sticker when you take it off. Swear by this."

Shills Charcoal Black Mask, Peel off Mask

If you're annoyed by clogged pores, this peel-off mask is just what you need to clear up your skin. It gets ride of acne, scars, blemishes, and marks, the brand claims. I love seeing all of the gunk in the mask when I peel it off. It's always a gratifying experience. My skin ends up clear, smooth, and never-irritated when I use this. 

Amazon shoppers gave this mask 4,900+ 5-star Amazon reviews, with one shopper writing, "This product has helped my skin a lot with getting all those pesky little blackheads off my nose. Its kinda gross to see the blackheads all come off my skin and stuck on the mask but awesome at the same time cuz now the blackheads are out of my skin!"

Bioré T-Zone Blackhead Remover Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, (5 Nose + 5 Face + 5 Chin Pore Strips)

Bioré Pore Strips are truly iconic. I've been using them for as long as I can remember. I love this set because it is all about the T-zone with strips for my nose, chin, and in between my brows. Just wet your skin and leave this strip on for about 15 minutes until it feels like paper mache. When you peel it off you will be thrilled to see all the debris from your skin.

This classic product has 22,100+ 5-star Amazon reviews, with one shopper sharing, "Want to be grossed out but also greatly satisfied by a product that literally pulls the nasty out of your pores! It's amazingly disgusting! I'm always shocked by how much these strips can pull out of problem areas on the face! We buy these all the time- so worth it! Prepare to be horrified and amazed!"

Peace Out Oil-Absorbing Pore Treatment Strips

If you have 6-8 hours, these hydrocolloid patches are amazing to use overnight. They absorb oil and dead skin cells, according to the brand. Every time I use them, my pores look smaller and I'm impressed by how much the strip removes from my skin.

These pore strips have 104.1K+ Sephora Loves, with one shopper sharing, "So gross, so good. I love putting these on before bed and waking up to see all the nastiness sucked out of my skin. They definitely make an observable difference in the size of my pores and loosen up any impacted dirt and oil, which makes extraction easier too."

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