You'll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without Flex-N-Fly Wellness Travel Essentials

Flex-N-Fly's convertible bags and washable mats help enhance your healthy, on-the-go lifestyle with minimalist flair.

By Sophy Ziss Sep 14, 2023 1:00 PMTags
Ecomm: Flex-N-Fly

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Have you ever experienced airport anxiety? Not just about gates and timing, either, but about cramped spaces, keeping the essentials handy, and a general dread of your well-honed routine being thrown off-kilter? 

Well, before you get too worked up, it turns out that you and I are not the only ones who've experienced this. In fact, eliminating airport-stress and helping maintain wellness on the go is basically why Flex-N-Fly was invented.

"Bridging the gap between travel and wellness," is how the brand describes itself on its website.  Their most popular products — minimalist travel bags and cushioned travel mats — do exactly that. 

Crafted to help travelers "discover their inner sanctuaries" before, during, and after flights (or, you know, road trips, work trips, and maybe even family vacations), Flex-N-Fly's mats and bags are lightweight, unisex, and ultimately: Functional. They're meant to help take some questions (Where will I store my cards? My phone? Can I even take a yoga or Pilates mat with me?) out of the equation altogether.

Below, learn more about a few of Flex-N-Fly's standout products, take a deep, relaxing breath, and maybe even pick up a few things ahead of your next long weekend getaway.

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Flex-N-Fly Flex|Bag Minimalist Travel Bag - Leather

Fanny packs have gotten a bad rap. This one is going to change your mind. Flex-N-Fly's unisex bags are handcrafted with "100% authentic" leather (or suede), and feature an easy-to-carry, easy-to-access, and ultra-versatile triangular design. The minimalist design features maximal style; the unisex bags include "special pocket[s] for your phone, credit cards, keys, and more." On top of that, they're made with "splash-proof" fabric that's "difficult to cut into." So when worn extra-close? It's basically its own built-in "anti-theft" device, too.

Flex-N-Fly Flex|Bag 2.0 Minimalist Travel Bag - Faux Leather

The faux leather twist on Flex-N-Fly's classic bag is durable," "easy to maintain," and a "touch of luxury," per the brand. It's more than just faux in name; it's even crafted by hand in a separate facility from the brand's leather bags — but still includes all of the anti-theft features, splash-proof materials, and variety of colors as the original.

Flex-N-Fly Flex|Mat Blue Rise 2.0

Per the brand, the Flex|Mat 2.0 is designed for "the individuals that need a little more cushion for their knees" during their go-to workouts. It's the same size and style as Flex-N-Fly's signature travel mat, just with a 3mm thickness. But can you still throw this slightly more padded version in the washing machine? Of course you can.

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