How Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis Are Still Living Like Royalty

Months after Queen Elizabeth’s death, her corgis Muick and Sandy are living a royally sweet life with Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

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Watch: Queen Elizabeth's Corgis Are Living LIKE ROYALTY in New Pics

Muick and Sandy's reign in Windsor continues.

In the months since Queen Elizabeth II's death in September, her corgis have been settling in nicely with her son Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. But despite their new home, the dogs are still quite devoted to their late owner

"I think they are exceptional and they're just very funny," Sarah recently shared on E! News. "I think, I'm sure, when they're chasing the air, I think they're looking at her. That's what I like to think. The squirrels are not in sight but they're still barking at something, so I think it might be her."

And that's not the only reminder of their time in Windsor Castle.

"They do have their Queen, crown dog beds and everything," Sarah, who also shares five Norfolk terriers with Andrew, explained on Good Morning Britain April 20. "It came from the castle."

Sarah Ferguson Bonds With Queen Elizabeth's Corgis

And while Muick (pronounced Mick) and Sandy were initially overcome with grief following the Queen's death—with the dogs famously paying their respects during the late monarch's funeral procession—showing them lots of love has helped them open up.

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 "Honestly, everybody loves them because they're very gentle," the A Most Intriguing Lady author, who confirmed she will not be attending King Charles III and Queen Camilla's coronation May 6, noted. "You think that a corgi is snappy and it's not—they're both very gentle.

In fact, their gentle nature reminds her of how they interacted with the Queen.

"They love me and I know that the Queen must have given them a little biscuit," she continued. "She has little hands so when I go pretend I've got the little Queen's hands and I put the little biscuit down, they gingerly take it from me. Very polite, well-trained."

Keep reading on to relive some of Queen Elizabeth's sweet moments with her dogs. 

Muick & Sandy

The Queen's corgis play with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. Her ex-husband Prince Andrew, Duke of York, had originally gifted the dogs to the monarch. After her death, he and Sarah, who live together, took them in.

Awaiting Their Queen

Sandy and Muick, the Queen's surviving corgis, await the arrival of her coffin at Windsor Castle, her final resting place, following a state funeral Sept. 8, 2022.

Sweet Candy

The Queen pets her dorgi Candy while taking a break from observing a display of memorabilia from her Golden and Platinum Jubilees, in the Oak Room at Windsor Castle in February 2022.

The dog, one of four of her last pets, died months before the Queen passed away at age 96 on Sept. 8, 2022, according to multiple reports. She was survived by her corgis Muick and Sandy, who went to live with her son Prince Andrew and his ex-wife and roommate Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, as well as a cocker spaniel named Lissy.

Dog Mum

Queen Elizabeth II is joined by her dog family at her Sandringham estate.

Bring Your Pup to Work

Her Majesty's pups ensemble by her feet as she meets with the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team at Buckingham Palace in 2002.


Royal Entourage

Queen Elizabeth II and her two dogs step out during a royal engagement in 1991.

Dog Day Afternoon

Queen Elizabeth II takes a walk with her corgi on the 30th anniversary of her accession to the throne in 1982.

At Home

The Queen smiles as she poses with a corgi in 1970.

Along for the Ride

Queen Elizabeth II arrives at King's Cross station with her dogs on October 15, 1969.

Photo Shoot

Royal corgis join the Queen and Prince Andrew on the cover of Tatler in 1962.

Keeping Close

A pup relaxes by Queen Elizabeth II.

Travel Buddy

Her Majesty visits Balmoral Castle with one of her dogs in 1952.

Furry Friends

The Queen returns to London with two pups following a weekend in the country. 

Childhood Companion

Queen Elizabeth II, then known as Princess Elizabeth, with two corgi dogs in 1936. 


The future queen cuddles with a pup at her childhood home in 1936.

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