AnnaLynne McCord to 90210: Hire My Sisters!

Television starlet is pushing for her pretty siblings to get work on the CW prime-time soap

By Marc Malkin Aug 03, 2009 2:00 PMTags
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Gossip Girl just snagged Tyra Banks for an episode, so where does that leave its fellow CW show 90210 in the guest-star department?

If it were up to AnnaLynne McCord, 22, who plays Beverly Hills bad girl Naomi, her real-life sisters, Angel, 24, and Rachel, 20, would be joining her on 90210.

"I'm really pushing for it," McCord told me this weekend at Treesje's Magnolia collection trunk show at Kitson on Robertson Boulevard. "I really would love to have my sisters on because they really are my best friends in the whole world. It would be really cool if they could come and be Naomi's two new friends."

McCord's got a few more ideas...

She refuses to give up her quest to see Ed Westwick's Gossip Girl bad boy Chuck Bass pop up on 90210, an idea she first told me about earlier this summer.

"I still want that to happen," she said. "I think if I keep speaking about it, it will happen."

Then there's McCord's top pick to work with—but she knows it's not gonna happen. She laughed, "President Obama! Naomi goes to the White House to meet the president would be an awesome storyline. Of course, Naomi would be going with some personal ulterior motive that has nothing to do with helping anybody."

While McCord was tight-lipped about upcoming plotlines on 90210, she did reveal she'll be back in the saddle...literally. She's going to be taking a horseback riding lesson today. "I used to ride when I was little, little, little, but I'm taking a refresher course," she said. "I am going to be riding in episode six!"


See video of AnnyLynne with sister Angel here and then go here to find out more about Tyra Banks' role on Gossip Girl.