Kim Kardashian Reveals the One Profession She’d Give Up Her Reality TV Career For

Kim Kardashian shared that she would give up her reality show to pursue her career as a lawyer: "I couldn't stop there." Read on to hear what the Kardashians star said.

By Alexandra Bellusci Apr 26, 2023 8:26 PMTags
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Kim Kardashian knows what it would take for her to call a recess on reality TV.

The Kardashians star recently got candid on her criminal justice reform work—including helping Alice Johnson get released from prison in 2018 after serving 21 years for a nonviolent drug crime—and why she would step away from the spotlight for this career path.

"I would be just as happy being an attorney full time," she answered moderator Poppy Harlow during the Time 100 Summit April 25 when asked if she would consider a life outside of her TV shows. "The journey just really opened up my eyes so much."

"Once I saw that I was able to make a difference I couldn't stop there," Kim continued, "and there were so many other women like the woman I helped."

The 42-year-old explained that when she first pursued her work, she hadn't watched anyone else who had worked in the criminal justice system as an adult. The only experience was watching her late father Robert Kardashian who was a lawyer.


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"I had no connection to the justice system," Kim recalled. "I didn't know anyone that had really spent time—maybe a friend of my dad's and he worked on the case and I was able to experience the trial—but as far as a close friend of mine or a family member, I never experienced it."

But after experiencing firsthand what she could do, Kim decided to embark on this new path.

"As I got to figure out how to help someone and how to make a difference and get them out," she shared, "I was genuinely naive to all the issues with our system."

As for the next step for Kim? Completing the steps to become a lawyer, revealing "I am probably going to take the bar Feb. 25."

In fact, viewers saw Kim find out she passed California's Baby Bar exam on her fourth attempt during season one of The Kardashians. "The baby bar has a 16 percent pass rate—I mean it took me a few tries," Kim noted during the summit, "and then I have another one I think it is like a 36 percent pass rate, so about a year."

Kim's comments come three years after she opened up about finding her passion for law. As she put in Jan 2020 during the TV Critics Association winter press tour, "I don't see how I could just say no to someone that really needs help if I know that I can help them."

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"I love talking about it with everyone around me when there's a case going on," the SKIMS founder continued. "I mean, even our group chats about different cases that go on, my conversations are different. I've literally had to change my number, and just say, 'I gotta focus for four years, all my friends, guys I'll be back in four years. Let me just really focus.' I found my interests have changed, everything really just shifted, and it's been a fun journey."

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