Gigi Hadid’s Daughter Khai Proves She’s Next in Fashion With These Adorable Photos

Gigi Hadid and her relatives shared sweet glimpses of how 2-year-old Khai is growing up on the family's farm in Pennsylvania and celebrating holidays together.

By Lindsay Weinberg Apr 26, 2023 12:15 AMTags
Watch: Bella Hadid Shares RARE PICS of Gigi Hadid's Daughter

Gigi Hadid's daughter is the "favoritest gift" of their family, according to the fashionista's sister Bella Hadid.

Although Gigi mostly keeps her 2-year-old daughter Khai out of the public eye, the model and her relatives occasionally share precious looks at how Khai is growing up, whether that's on the family farm in Pennsylvania or celebrating holidays with dad Zayn Malik (who split with Gigi in 2021).

Most recently, in honor of Gigi's 28th birthday, Bella shared rare photos of the mother-daughter duo bonding over nature with matching updos. Gigi was pictured in a pair of sweats and leaning over her daughter, who was dressed in rainbow pants and a blue cardigan amongst autumn leaves. Another sweet snap showed both Khai and Gigi pretty in pink, as the tiny tot sat on mom's lap while the Next in Fashion host had her makeup done. 

But one of the biggest ways Khai seems to be taking after her mom is her love of the farm. Gigi's mother Yolanda Hadid has posted pics of the family spending time together while feeding baby cows and riding horses, proving Khai might be the littlest horse girl of the group. 

Gigi Hadid's Best Mom Moments

"Every day, we're cooking in the house together," Gigi recently told InStyle of her quality time with Khai. "Even if it's just her and I, she will get up on her little step-up stool and help me mix, or we do banana bread. Especially in the winter, when I'm like, 'OK, what can we do that's warm?' It's a lot of, 'OK, mash these bananas,' and help her do the stuff that's exciting to her."


While Khai sometimes gets distracted by Play-Doh, Gigi noted, "We have the funniest conversations when it's just me cooking and her doing some craft and I love even when it's just us."

She went on to explain how she's already encouraging Khai to follow her heart. "She'll definitely tell me if it's not for her, which I'm cool with. I'm like, 'As long as you're trying it, I'm proud,'" Gigi explained. "I try not to be too hard on myself as a mom and just try to make positive conversation around food."

Well, we're positively certain you'll love these adorable pics of Khai.

Snuggle Season

Let's Play

Nailed It

Let Her Eat Cake

Making Memories

A Reason to Smile
Feeling Blue
Anchors Up
Summer Days
Khai's First Birthday
Days With Dad
Gigi's Mini-Me
Matchin' With Mom
Horse Girlie
Cozy Time
Aunt Bella
Farm Life With Grandma Yolanda
Bottles Up
Pool Day
Lil Easter Bunny
Denim Dreams
Christmas Attire