Bachelor Nation's Sean Lowe Says Son Needed E.R. Trip After Family Dog Bit Him

The Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudice Lowe made the difficult decision to rehome their dog after he bit two of their kids, one of whom was rushed to the E.R. as a result.

By Corinne Heller Apr 20, 2023 5:59 PMTags
Watch: Former Bachelor Sean Lowe Says Son Was Bit By Family Dog

The Bachelor alumni Sean Lowe and wife Catherine Giudice Lowe recently made the difficult decision to rehome their dog, Gus, after a pair of incidents involving their kids.

Sean explained on his Instagram Stories April 19 that the Bullmastiff had bitten their daughter Mia, 3, and later, their eldest son Samuel, 6— who was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

"Ya'll know how much I loved that dog. And he was such a great dog. Great with the kids, well-trained, and he was so full of love," wrote the former reality star, who also shares son Isaiah, 4, with Catherine. "However, he showed a couple instanced of resource guarding in the past when he snapped at/bit Mia."

With professional help, Sean attempted to have Gus further trained before ultimately deciding they needed to rehome him.

"We did everything in our power to keep it from happening again (the list is long)," he said. "But one night several weeks ago, Samuel bent down to pet Gus and Gus bit him on the side of the head. The result was a trip to the E.R. and a staple in the head."

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Sean continued, "So as much as I love that dog, I have to protect my kids first. But he's in a great home and we'll get to still see him occasionally."

Instagram / Sean Lowe

As for how Samuel is recovering? He's "doing great," Sean wrote, adding, "Staple removed and he's fully healed. He misses his dog, too. And so do his brother and sister."

Instagram / Sean Lowe

Meanwhile, Gus' new home is with the dog trainer Sean had previously turned to. "He's doing great," the Bachelor Nation member wrote. "I miss him like you wouldn't believe, but one of my answered prayers was that he found a great home (in my mind, the best). My dog trainer asked if she could take him as her own personal dog."

Sean, who included a pic of Gus in his new home, continued, "Now he gets to go to work everyday and be around other dogs. She texted me the other day and said this pug hates all dogs except for Gus. Must be the close resemblance."

Instagram / Sean Lowe

For now, the Lowe family is waiting a beat before taking in another dog.

Instagram / Sean Lowe

When asked if he thought they will ever get one again, Sean responded on his Instagram Stories, "I'm sure we will but it won't be for a while. I'm a huge dog lover (Catherine would call it a sickness) but it'd feel like I was cheating on Gus if we got one anytime soon."

Instagram / Sean Lowe

Gus, who the Lowes obtained as a puppy last year, was not the family's first dog. They previously had a chocolate labrador named Ellie and a boxer named Lola. The dogs passed away in 2021 and 2016, respectively.

"Y'all remember Lola?" Sean wrote on his Instagram Stories. "We had a boxer and she was amazing (and so was our lab). But like I said, we're going to take a break before getting another dog."

Sean also extended a lot of love towards Gus' breed.

Instagram / Sean Lowe

"Btw, I still believe bullmastiffs are absolutely amazing," Sean said. "Gus just had a couple temporary lapses in judgement."

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